Linebackers remains a question

Linebackers will be a concern for the Wildcats this upcoming season.

As everybody knows by know, one of the biggest concerns for Arizona will be at linebacker.

In order to address those concerns, Mike Stoops brought in Derek Earls and Paul Vassallo.

"We have some talented players," Stoops said. "Brought in two junior college guys, highly recruited, I feel very confident in them."

Although Stoops is confident in the JC players, he is a little more cautious with the younger ones.

"Our young players are going to have to step up and be players for us," Stoops said. "That will be a key element to our team but we just need to get out there and see what we have. We will just have to work hard at that."

With that being said, the UA will not know what it has until game time comes.

"It's different in practice then going out and making a big play on third down on a Saturday," he said. "We will have to work hard at it. We have always had a good defense and I don't see that happening."

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