Three most vital players for UA

Here are the three players most vital to Arizona this season.

Each player on Arizona plays some kind of important role, but there are three players that stick out when it comes to just how much impact they will have.

Nick Foles: This kind of goes without saying, but of course we are going to say it.

If Foles does not play well this season, Arizona is not winning.

It really is that simple and it showed last year. When Foles struggled, the team as a whole did the same and just the opposite.

Arizona's hope is that the running game makes Foles' job as easy as possible, but he is still going to be asked to win football games.

Sione Tuihalamaka: Sione is going to be asked to start and considering he did not play a ton last season, it is a big change for him.

The UA coaching staff is expecting a pretty decent pass rush, but it will not matter rush if the defensive tackles do not play well.

If Sione can't make plays at the line and Arizona's linebackers keep their question marks, the UA secondary is going to have a nearly impossible job.

Derek Earls: Earls is going to be asked to come in and lead the linebackers right away.

If he fails to do what he is asked, it would throw the linebacker situation into disarray.

Earls may be the most important player on the entire defensive side of the field because if he fails, it obviously will set a terrible tone for the season.

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