McClellan's visit was better than expected

Jawann McClellan is back home in Houston after his trip to Arizona and could not be happier about his visit to Tucson. After spending a few days with the coaches, players, and fans, McClellan is convinced more than ever that he made the right choice in picking Arizona.

"I'm like 500,000 percent committed now," McClellan said.

McClellan's trip to Tucson was a huge success for him, as well as for the program. He arrived in Tucson on Thursday and said that he spent most of his time getting acquainted with the people involved with Arizona basketball.

"The facilities are awesome, and I met a ton of people. The trainer seems nice, and the weight training coach seems very serious about his job…I loved all the coaches, and just enjoyed spending my time with the fellas."

McClellan hung out with Hassan Adams and Andre Igoudala. They even played a pickup game together with Ndudi Ebi included as well. McClellan was excited to get the chance to make connections with his future teammates.

"Andre and Hassan are such great guys, and they gave me perspective," McClellan said. "Hassan has such a good attitude about things. He doesn't mind that the school is bringing in players at his position because he just wants to win. I know that I'll have to wait my turn at Arizona to get a chance to play, but with Andre and Hassan being such good guys, and wanting to win so badly, I really don't mind at all."

While McClellan got to know the University, his dad spent a great deal of time sight-seeing.

"My parents are thinking about doing what Jason (Gardner's) parents did and move out here," McClellan said. "It's such a nice city. Also, there's such a great basketball atmosphere here. When I was walking around campus with Ndudi, people recognized us and knew who we were, which was very cool."

The highlight of McClellan's trip to the University was seeing the Arizona basketball team finish out the regular season against Oregon. It was the first time he saw the Cats live.

"It is unreal in (McKale)," McClellan said. There is so much energy. It's nothing like watching the games on T.V."

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