Game Talk: UCLA 96, Arizona 89

Ray Young hit the biggest shot of his career, nailing a three-pointer with 4.9 seconds left in regulation to tie the game at 83. It also extended Steve Lavin's coaching career at UCLA by at least another game while the Wildcats go home and rest for the NCAA Tournament.<BR>After the game the players had plenty to say about losing to the No. 8 seed Bruins.

Lute Olson
"We're obviously disappointed, but I would think that the way UCLA played certainly is a credit to them. (UCLA) made some tough three-pointers down the stretch. In the second half they were flawless and we ended up not making shots. But usually when you don't make shots some of that has something to do with what is being done defensively."

On getting ready for the NCAA Tournament
"We (Arizona) just need to get back home and get regrouped, and be ready to play wherever they send us next week."

Rick Anderson
On his play versus UCLA
"I thought I played well. I didn't have my edge out there rebounding and I couldn't contribute from the floor. But I mean it was a regular game, I tried to lead the team and I just didn't succeed. We have next week to accomplish what our major goal is, and that's to win it all."

On his health
I feel good. I was a little under the weather earlier, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I'm taking medication, so I'm good"

Channing Frye
"I think they changed their defensive tone in the second half. I think they steadied a little bit more in that zone type defensive play. At the same time, I feel like I kind of lost my aggressiveness a little bit, but I kind of got it back, I think a little bit, in the overtime. I think we were down by five or something like that. The way we were shooting the ball on the outside, we took really good shots, they just wouldn't go in. They really didn't' force them to go out. I kept getting double-teamed, kept kicking out. I had confidence in our point guards that they could shoot it well, but tonight the ball just wouldn't go in."

UCLA coach Steve Lavin
"I'm just really proud of our seniors tonight. I feel that we're playing our best basketball once again late in the year and have the opportunity to send Ray Young and Jason Kapono across the finish line not only with college degrees, but with the chance to do something special. We've been using that term a lot lately. All year I've been saying that if these guys kept working on a a daily basis, both individually and collectively, before you know it we'll have the chance to do something special. Now we are in the position to do something special if we take advantage and make the most of the 40 minutes tomorrow."

On the Bruins mindset during a close game
"You're really in the moment. What they call ‘in the zone' if you are a player, coach or competitor. You're just trying to put your players in a position to be successful. Unfortunately, the majority of the year I felt that I wasn't able to push the right buttons – every combination of players, every alignment, every substitution, every adjustment was the wrong one. So you're constantly searching, as a coach, trying to grow and learn on a daily basis just like we expect of the kids. I was really caught up in the moment of the game, trying to add my two bits to finding a way to get a win today."

Ray Young
On today's performance
"This was a big game for the team and Coach Lavin. It's tough being a coach and player at UCLA. You get a lot of scrutiny thoughout the year. We beat a very good Arizona team today. When we come out and play well against good teams we can win. Coach Lavin stuck with us the whole time. He has kept us motivated and helped us win all year."

On past performances against the Wildcats
"We start to believe and we have had some good halves against Arizona. We just haven't been able to take care of the whole 40 minutes. Today our team gelled together and we stuck to it and won. When we do that as a team we are very deadly."

Jason Kapono
On the play of the Bruins at the end of the game
"This team kept fighting. Ray (Young) made that last three-pointer and we built upon that. Even though we had a tough stretch this season we are playing our best basketball now."

TJ Cummings
On the season series with the Wildcats

"We've been battling Arizona all year. (Arizona) got the first two games, I guess the third time was a charm for us."

On coming off the bench
"When I entered (the game), I just wanted to change the game defensively and contribute anyway I could."

Andre Patterson
"We had nothing to lose. Nobody gave us a shot. We knew that they would come back. We just had to sustain their runs. We wanted (the game) so bad. (Coach)Lavin always preaches about playing a 40-minute game. Today we played a 45-minute game."








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