Scrimmage: Offensive Notes

The offense played well even though it chose not to challenge the defense too much.

Arizona's scrimmage ended it disappointment, as it only lasted about 20 minutes before it was cut short due to bad weather.

Quarterback Nick Foles often decided to go short and use the open space to attack the defense, something that should be the game plan against real opposition as well.

The running game was the attraction of the scrimmage for the offense, as Greg Nwoko and Keola Antolin had impressive days.

Nic Grigsby played well too, but the other two had larger carries. Nwoko was able to run over numerous defenders on separate occasions and it shows just how talented this UA offense is.

David Roberts was able to get the only score of the scrimmage off a short pass from Foles. In addition, Slavin was running with the first unit, which shows he is going to play this season.

Juron Criner was still out and when he comes back Slavin will be second string. However, even in that position, he should see the field immediately.

The offensive line generally played well, with Matt Scott only being hurried a few times. If Scott was not as mobile as he is, there is a good chance he would have been sacked. However, the line was able to create pockets outside and give Scott just enough time to make solid plays.

At this point, the offense looks like it will be just fine this season and it showed why during the scrimmage on Saturday.

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