Freeze has created new excitement at ASU

There is a new excitement surrounding this ASU Football team. According to red-shirt senior safety Kelcie McCray, this team is closer as a team than ever before in his five years in Jonesboro. Go "Inside" this Free Read to see why this RedWolves Football team can't wait for the season to start.

It doesn't take long talking to one Red Wolf Senior to see that there is a different attitude, a hunger and excitement surrounding this year's team. caught up with Arkansas State red-shirt senior safety Kelcie McCray on Wednesday to get his thoughts about several things in regards to this year's ball club.

When asked about the team's chemistry, McCray was quick to answer.

"It's the best we have since I have been here at Arkansas State," McCray admitted. "We have a lot of senior leadership that we haven't had in the past. A lot of the credit goes to Coach (Hugh) Freeze, he has brought us together as a team."

In fact McCray described the accountability groups that Coach Freeze and his new coaching staff developed in the spring for being a key factor in bringing this RedWolves Football team closer together.

"Coach Freeze has brought a lot of energy to the program," McCray said. "He made us accountable for each other this spring, it brought us closer as a team, it made us more like a family. He has everyone excited about football again at Arkansas State."

That excitement appears to be at an all time high, it has this year's ball club excited about this season and the beginning of fall camp.

"We can't wait to open camp," McCray said. "We can't wait to get this season started. In the past we have dreaded camp, not this season, we can't wait to get going."

Another reason that McCray, who is a fifth year senior and starting safety is excited about the arrival of Dave Womack, the Red Wolves new defensive coordinator.

"I'm very excited about Coach Womack and his new defensive package," McCray said. "I'm really humbled to play for him. I think we will make a lot of plays this year on defense."

McCray didn't hesitate to talk about the differences that Womack brings defensively.

"His defense is a lot more intense," McCray said. "More blitzing, more man to man coverage, a lot more pressure on the quarterback."

McCray is also impressed with Coach Womack as a man.

"He cares about us on and off the field," McCray said. "He has told us that we can talk to him about anything."

According to McCray the team has several goals this fall, the main one being going to a bowl game and winning the SunBelt Conference Championship.

"Winning the conference championship is the main goal," McCray said. "Defensively we want to be a Top 25 defense in the Country. Personally I want to be the best safety in the Sunbelt."

McCray finished his junior season with 79 tackles and two interceptions, a number the Columbus Georgia native thinks will improve this fall.

"I think we will be a much better defense than we were a year ago," McCray said. "We are ready to get the season started and go to work."

If this interview is any indication of the excitement level of the entire team, this season may be one to remember for Red Wolf fans for years to come.