Aplin "Leader of the Pack"

AStateNation got the opportunity to interview Arkansas State's starting quarterback Ryan Aplin this past week. Go "Inside" to see what Aplin had to say about his thoughts on the upcoming fall season.

It' s easy to tell a couple of things when interviewing Arkansas State's starting quarterback Ryan Aplin.

First thing that sticks out is that he is very humble.

The second thing is that could easily could run in politics and be very successful. He doesn't single out any one player for being great on the offensive side of the ball, he gives everyone equal praise across the board.

Don't get me wrong, he truly believes in his teammates, how hard they are working, but he wants everyone to get the credit other than himself or any one individual.

You can definitely see why he is has become the leader of the Pack.

Aplin, who set school records at the quarterback position last fall in Hugh Freeze's offense his first year, is looking forward to being back as the starter is red-shirt junior season.

"I'm definitely excited about another season in this offensive system," Aplin told AStateNation.com. "Year two I'm going to be more comfortable in the system, I know it better and I have been working hard to improve on a few things."

Aplin also made a declaration of sorts while talking about being in his second year as the starting quarterback.

"I'm definitely coming back for my senior year," Aplin said. "To spend three years in this offensive system is too great to pass up."

Expect Aplin to rack up almost every offensive record at ASU before his departure of that's the case, but he quickly would rather to have more wins than his name in the record books.

"We set a few records last fall and went 4-8," Aplin said. "I want to win ballgames and get us to a whole new level of play and winning championships at Arkansas State."

Aplin has been working hard this offseason, trying to improve a few things about his personal game.

"I want to be extremely accurate," Aplin said. "I feel that my arm is stronger than it was last season, it has gotten a lot stronger."

He is constantly working on the fundamentals of the position.

"I want to improve my footwork, my timing and the way I see things," Aplin said. "I'm very excited about this season."

With that excitement comes big expectations for this spring for and his fellow teammates.

"Our main goal is to win a conference championship this year," Aplin said. "There isn't any reason we shouldn't."

Aplin is excited to have his offensive coordinator last season Hugh Freeze as the Red Wolves new head man.

"It's great," Aplin said. "Coach Freeze can so many things with this offense, there are so many plays and ways he can call plays from different formations that no one has ever seen. He is a great offensive mind."

Aplin loves the excitement and energy that Freeze has given the program as the new head coach.

"There is definitely a different excitement and energy here," Aplin said. "He brings a joy and smile to all of us everyday. We want to play hard for him, we know we have to give 110 percent all the time, that's what he expects from us and we are happy to give it."

One thing that Freeze and the entire coaching staff has been stressing this spring and summer is for the Red Wolves to learn how to finish.

"We have to start the game out right," Aplin said. "Learning how to finish off an opponent is key. The coaches have really been teaching that all spring. We are learning how to do all the little things right all the time."