Veteran WR Coach loves Freeze's offense

Hugh Freeze's new offense means a lot more for guys like wide receiver coach Tyler Siskey. Siskey finds himself working harder but you won't hear him complaining. His wide outs are now catching more footballs than ever before. Go "Inside" to see why Siskey is having so much fun at Arkansas State University.

A lot of the Arkansas State University football players have been talking about having a new lease on life with Hugh Freeze being named their new head coach.

Everyone has talked about the energy and excitement he brings.

It appears that this doesn't only apply to the Red Wolf players.

ASU Wide Receiver Coach Tyler Siskey is going into his fourth season as an assistant in Jonesboro. He also spent two years as a graduate assistant for the Red Wolves.

Siskey admits he has always been a type of guy that thinks outside of the box, apparently he met his perfect match in Coach Freeze.

"We are both guys that think outside of the box," Siskey told "I have never been around a coach that I'm in better sync with than Coach Freeze."

Siskey quickly points out that his job coaching the wide receivers is a lot more fun but has a lot more responsibility since Freeze's arrival last year as the teams offensive coordinator.

"The offense is night and day difference than what it was before," Siskey said. "In our old offense we might be lucky to have one guy catch 40 balls a year, last season we had four guys catch that many."

Siskey is an excitable guy and loves to coach with a lot of energy. That's happening more this season than ever before in Jonesboro.

"Again the difference are like night and day," Siskey said. "The team chemistry is incredible right now. Words can't describe the new energy and excitement here. We can't wait to get fall camp started. We plan on turning up the heat."

Siskey can also see a difference in how the players are approaching things.

"They don't think they can get it done, they know they can and that they have to get it done," Siskey said. "We are closer as a team than ever before since I have been here."

There are certain things that Coach Siskey demands from his players.

"We have to be unselfish players," Siskey said. "We have to be accountable to each other. We have to do our job and do it at the best of our abilities. That goes from being a minute late to meetings, going to class and getting the job done there."

Siskey also realizes the better the players he has the better the coach he can be.

"Great players make great coaches," Siskey said. "We have some great guys here at Arkansas State."

Siskey is also very picky about one certain thing.

"We have to do the little things right," Siskey said. "If we do the little things right all the time everything else usually takes care of itself."

Siskey loves to work hard but appears to have his priorities in line.

"I'm a husband and father first, then a football coach," Siskey said. "Family comes first, Coach Freeze promotes that here at Arkansas State and that's one of the reason this team is so close with one another. I work as hard as I can at being the best at all three of those things."

Siskey is going into his fourth season as the Red Wolves Wide Receiver Coach and admits he is having an easier time on the recruiting road.

"Oh man it's so much easier to recruit quarterbacks and wide receivers to Arkansas State now," Siskey said. "Before it was extremely hard, now guys want to come here and be a part of this offense. I can safely say that there isn't a better offense in the country for quarterbacks and wideouts than Coach Freeze's."

Siskey also teaches to his players that they have to win each day to be successful in the future.

"You have to win today, to win that first game," Siskey said. "You have to win each day as it's given to you. The hard work you put in now will get you further down the road."