Scott going into second year at ASU

Travion Scott is going into his second season as the defensive graduate assistant coach at Arkansas State. Scott feels that Red Wolf Football Fans will see a big difference on the defensive side of the ball this fall. Go "Inside" get Scott's impressions on ASU's new DC and defensive line coach.

Every major business has guys who are out in front of things and they also have guys behind the scenes doing a lot of jobs no one else wants to do.

Welcome to the world of a college graduate assistant football coach.

Travion Scott is going into his second season as the defensive G.A. at Arkansas State, with a new coaching change, a new defensive coordinator, one might expect things to change for Coach Scott.

"Things will be a little different this season," Scott told "With a new coordinator, a new head coach and a new defensive line coach, my duties will be a little different."

The long hours probably won't change for Scott, who sometimes spends 20-22 hour days at the football office, but with his duties assisting defensive line coach Chris Kiffin, things are definitely appears to be changing for the better.

"Coach Kiffin and I have the same high energy demeanor," Scott said. "Coach Kiffin is awesome, he knows what he is doing when it comes to coaching the defensive line, he has learned from some of the best."

Scott is looking forward to this season with all the changes that are coming to the Red Wolf program and especially to the defensive unit.

"We will be cutting the line loose upfront," Scott said. "We are definitely plan on getting a lot more sacks this season. We will be an attacking type defense."

According to Scott the team is responding well to the new coaching changes.

"There is an overall extreme excitement around the program," Scott said. "We all have expectations of something new happening here. All the players are very hungry to be a winner."

Scott feels that new defensive coordinator Dave Womack's defense will definitely be different this fall.

"It's low maintenance while being complex at the same time," Scott said. "We can come at you with a lot of different of looks."

Scott relates well with his players, being a few years out of school himself.

"I relate well to them," Scott said. "All our coaches really relate well to the players. Even Coach Womack who is older relates to the players on their level."

What can Red Wolves fans look forward to this fall from the ASU defense?

"Definitely a lot more blitzing," Scott said. "We will have a lot more pressure looks than ever before."

As the defensive grad assistant Scott is in charge of the Scout team during practices and it's his responsibility to do all the scouting reports and film breakdowns of the opponents offenses.

"It's my job to be a week ahead of the defensive staff," Scott said. "I'm always breaking the next weeks opponents film down. You definitely have to be a multi-tasker"

Scott, who played nose tackle for Arkansas Tech from 2003-2007, came to Jonesboro after serving as grad assistant at Tech for two seasons.