Football Gods smile on Freeze and Red Wolves was on hand as Arkansas State University went through their first official practice of fall camp here Thursday morning. Record heat had hit the Jonesboro area, had everyone concerned, but Mother Nature surprised everyone with a pleasant surprise.

Mother Nature smiled down on Coach Hugh Freeze and the Arkansas State Red Wolves this morning as ASU opened fall camp with a 9:30 a.m opening day practice.

The sun stayed behind clouds for the most part, a windy morning gave ASU better than expected conditions for the first fall camp practice under Freeze.

"I loved the weather," Freeze told the media after practice. "It was pretty nice. It was definitely better than we expected it to be."

Freeze was pleased with the overall effort and attitude of his team.

"We told the kids that we really wanted great effort and great attitude and we got that from them," Freeze said.

While Freeze is known for his excitement and the energy he brings to the team, he noted that was something that they had talked about in team meetings.

"I know I'm known for that," Freeze admitted. "But I also realize that you can't sustain that for 29 straight days. We wanted to temper the excitement a little, but not the energy level. We always great energy and great effort."

One thing that Freeze wasn't pleased with was how the offense didn't take care of the football.

"We have to do a better job not turning the ball over," Freeze said. "We gave up the football way too much, we have to fix that. A couple of plays were just great plays by the defense, others were bad decisions by our guys."

Impressive Skills

Everyone has been talking about Josh Jarboe, after watching him in his first practice he appears to be as good as advertised. He was seen doing a back flip during warm ups. During one on ones against a defensive back he separated from the defender at the end of the route with another gear. He also was unhappy with himself when barely missed the ball.

Five Guys

No I'm not talking about the Memphis Hamburger Joint. I'm talking about the five quarterbacks that threw for the Red Wolves today. Of course your starter is Ryan Aplin, second team quarterback is Phillip Butterfield, taking snaps with the third team was athlete Darion Griswold and other mentionable guys were Zach Davis and Clayton Davis.

Stay tuned for more ASU coverage during the press conference.