ASU has flat practice after having time off

Hugh Freeze is trying to change the mind set and culture at Arkansas State. Things that were issues last fall he is addressing and working on changing. The Red Wolves didn't close well in ballgames last fall, losing several in the last four minutes. Freeze works on the four minute drill everyday to help correct the situation.

Hugh Freeze expects a lot from his players, he also expects a lot from himself and his coaching staff.

Following practice Wednesday morning, Freeze felt that the offense came out flat, especially in the four minute drill.

"It was our offense's worst effort of fall camp," Freeze said. "We were very flat. I know that we lost several games last year that we could have won in the last four minutes. We are making it a big priority during camp and this season to work very hard on our four minute offense and four minute defense."

While the four minute drill was a sore spot for Freeze to discuss, he did admit that his team did rise to the occasions during several other drills.

"The offense did a better job in the first down competition," Freeze said. "The energy picked up a little. In this drill the offense gets the win if we pick up three yards or more and the defense picks up the win if they hold the offense to less than three yards."

Freeze also admitted that he was impressed with his team's spirit and effort during the Red Wolf Drill.

"Oh yeah the energy level and excitement level picked up a lot during that drill," Freeze said. "You know it's probably never as bad as it seems or never as good as it seems, probably somewhere in the middle. We just have to do a better job this season closing out a game."

The field goal kickers had what Freeze called a roller coaster experience today.

"Yesterday they were awesome," Freeze said. "Today not so good. They are very inconsistent and we have to get that fixed."

Frankie Jackson has talent but still very young

"Frankie is a special talent, but lets remember he is just a freshman. He couldn't work out with the team at all last fall. So everything he is doing during this fall camp he is doing for the first time. Last scrimmage he was very wide eyed and it showed in his performance. He rushed things too much, wanting to do really well. He has to be more deliberate runner."

Freeze plans on running the football every game

"We go into every ballgame wanting to run the football," Freeze said. "I assure you our goal is to run the ball and its a big part of our plan on a weekly basis. We do take what the defense gives us in this system, sometimes it may make it look like we aren't trying to establish the running game, but we are."

Team blessed by experience

Freeze loaded up his entire football team on Tuesday and took them to the LeBonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

"We are blessed to be a part of the LeBonheur Family and we are happy to help out them in any way possible. If they didn't receive a blessing from yesterday something is wrong, it was a great experience for our entire team."

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