It's time to hand out our weekly Grades

Each week will give you our grades as we evaluate each position for the Red Wolves. Go "Inside" this weeks grades and see how Arkansas State did against Virginia Tech. The Hokies won the game 26-7 this past Saturday.

Not a lot of people gave Arkansas State University a legitimate chance of beating Nationally ranked Virginia Tech in Blacksburg this past Saturday.

The No. 11 Hokies (USA TODAY Poll) was a 26 point favorite going into the game despite the Red Wolves 47-3 impressive victory against Memphis the week before.

Virginia Tech won the game 26-7 but found Arkansas State to be tougher opponent than they expected.

AStateNation will give you our thoughts each week and grade the Arkansas State Football teams by position groups.

Grading the team you cover isn't always easy, but we will give our best efforts in being fair on our grading system.

Quarterbacks: B-

Ryan Aplin is having a good season and I probably would have given him a B+ if it wasn't for the two interceptions. He is a fierce competitor, and definitely is the leader of the Red Wolf offense.

Running Backs: C-

After having a great week against Memphis, you can definitely tell that Virginia Tech made a point to stop the run. Frankie Jackson had 10 carries for 21 yards, Derek Lawson had 7 carries for 12 yards and Jermaine Robertson 1 carry for three yards.

Offensive Linemen: D+

If it wasn't for a great performance by senior center Tom Castilaw this score could be lower. You have to grade the OL based on the running backs yardage and they did give up three sacks. This group of linemen are getting better and will get better each week, especially that the two tough non conference games are out of the way.

Kickers: C

After a great performance last week, this week was a little different. Brian Davis missed field goal hurt the overall performance of this position. Bobby Zalud kick offs were a lot better, keeping the grade from falling below a C.

Defensive Line: B

This group put a lot of pressure on the Hokie's quarterback and helped the Red Wolves defense in recording two sacks. The fact that Virginia Tech picked up 135 yards on the ground definitely hurt their overall grade.

Linebackers: B-

Nathan Herrold had a great outing leading the team with Kelcie McCray with 10 tackles. Qushaun Lee had 7 tackles and Nick Nelms had five. The disappointing number with this group and probably a big reason for the grade not being better is the fact that senior linebacker DeMario Davis only had four tackles in the game.

Secondary: C-

This group is getting better, they just have to find a way to keep from giving up the big play. Kelcie McCray had 10 tackles for this group. Virginia Tech did have success in the air, passing for nearly 300 yards against the Red Wolf secondary.

Punters: B-

The Red Wolves used two punters again. Their overall average ended up being 37.8, if this average was a little higher, so would their overall grade. Ryan Wilbourn ended the game with the most punts with 4 and had a 40 yard average. Neely Sullivent punted twice for a 33.5 average.