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Check out the game as it happens. is all about trying new things to bring our members and fans the very best coverage possible. This Instant Analysis will not be in a chat form, but in story form. Arkansas State wins the game today against ULL 30-21 and goes 8-2 for the first time in history of the school since they joined the FBS. They are currently 6-0 in Sun Belt play.

Jonesboro, Arkansas Live from Arkansas State Stadium.Join AStateNation as we give you our thoughts and the game's progression as it happens.

Keep refreshing the story on the front page for all the game action. With 43:00 minutes before game time, weather partly cloudy, 62 degrees.

Not as big of crowd as I expected it to be. Hopefully it will fill up in the next half hour or so.

Crowding picking up some, not sure it will reach over 20K.

Sun Belt officials are here for today's game along with Bowl Representatives from the Go Bowl and the New Orleans Bowl.

Arkansas State wins the coin toss and will receive the football. Here we go Red Wolves!

Ryan Aplin to Don Jones for a five yard pass to start things off, then an incomplete pass to Stockemer bringing up 3rd down and 5. Aplin's pass was incomplete, but an offside call against ULL gives the Red Wolves a critical first down.

Aplin to Dwayne Frampton for a two yard pick up bringing up second down. Frankie Jackson on the carry no pick up for ASU. Aplin's pass to Frampton incomplete bringing up a fourth down for Arkansas State.

ULL has the ball their quarterback completed a pass for five yards. A fumble by Ull gives the Red Wolf's the football on ULL's 14 yard. Line.

Ineligible wide out for ASU brings up 1st and 15. Aplin to Allen Muse for a five yard pick up. Aplin to Taylor Stockemer for a 9 yard touchdown. Brian Davis kick is good and the Red Wolves lead 7-0 with 11:44 to go in the first quarter.

ULL will start from the 36 yard line on their next possession. Quarterback keeper for a pick up for three yards. Five yard pass to Peoples. Third and one. Didn't get the first down, it appears that Lafayette will punt.

Frampton back deep for the Red Wolves. Delay of game by ULL will back them up five yards.

Frampton with the fair catch, ASU ball from 19 yard line.

Jackson on a five yard pick up Josh Jarboe called for unsportsmanlike conduct, half the distance to the goal line. @nd and 17 for ASU.

Aplin goes deep for Stockemer for a 35 yard pass reception.

Jackson no gain on the carry. Aplin incomplete on the pass, bringing up third down and 11. Aplin to Frampton for a four yard pick up. Brings up fourth down. A big pass from Aplin to Stockemer to reverse the field of play. Lafayette now will start from their own 15 yard line.

After a chop blocking call against ULL it places the football on the seven yard line. QB keeper for one yard line bringing up 2-15 from the eight. Rush by the quarterback for a seven yard pick up, brings up third and 6.

A big sack by Joiner for a loss of seven brings out ULL' s punter.

Arkansas State will take over from the ULL 42 yard line. A big boost of momentum for the Red Wolves. ASU leads 7-0 with 5:05 LEFT in the first quarter.

Aplin pitches to No. 9 for a two yard pick up. Derek Lawson for a no gain on the carry. Aplin on the quarterback keeper for seven yards. Fourth and 1, hand off to Jermaine Robertson for a first down ASU.

Aplin to a wide open Taylor Stockemer for a 31 yard touchdown pass. That scoring drive lasted 1:51 seconds. Davis kick is good and the Red Wolves lead 14-0.

ULL's quarterback is hit and throws an interception to Kelcie McCray.

Aplin's pass incomplete, Lawson on the carry for six yards. Brings up third and four. Aplin sacked on the play knocking the Red Wolves out of field goal range. A loss of eight yards on the play, brings out the punter for ASU.

QB keeper for ULL no gain on the play, second and 10. Pass incomplete, quarterback was pressured on the play.

A huge hit by DeMario Davis on the ULL QB, his pass first thought caught, but ruled incomplete.

Frampton fumbles the punt but recovers it.

Aplin hands off to Lawson for a carry of two yards. That's the end of the first quarter with Arkansas State leading 14-0.

Frampton to Rod Hall for a two yard pick up on a reverse handoff.

Aplin to Jarboe complete for an Arkansas State. With that completion Ryan Aplin has become No. 5 on the passing records at ASU.

Holding called on Stockemer, 1st and 18.

Aplin's pass across the field to Jarboe incomplete.

Aplin on the carry for a two yard pick up.

Third down and 15 coming up for ASU.

Aplin complete to Frampton for a six yard gain. Ball spotted on the 49.

Neely Sullivent to punt the ball, illegal block in the back against ULL, 45 yards on the punt, and moved half the distance to the goal.

Two yard pick up by quarterback and then QB throws the ball out of bounds

ULL on a screen pass to No. 46 for 13 yard gain.

QB throw for a one yard gain to Peoples.

QB NO. 17 passes to Harris for a 22 yard pass and a ULL first down

Interception by Darron Edwards big time shift for the Red Wolves.

Jackson picks up the first down for ASU on the carry.

Aplin's pass incomplete, he was pressured on the play.

2nd and 10 for ASU.

Aplin's pass to Jarboe incomplete.

Aplin's pass incomplete, brings up fourth down for ASU.

ULL's ball on the 15 yard line.

Feemster on the interception, returned it for 47 yards to the ULL Four yard line. First and goal for the Red Wolves.

Jackson on a one yard carry for ASU. Aplin on the carry for a two yard pick up.

Third and goal for ASU. False started called against ASU, brings up 3rd and goal from the seven yard line. Jackson on the pitch for two yards. Brings out the field goal kicker for the Red Wolves. Davis kick was good from 22 yards out. With 7:10 left in the first half your score the Red Wolves 17-0 over ULL.

Third and two for ULL, a big up play by Demario Jackson to keep Cajuns from getting a first down.

It will be the Red Wolves football at their own 37 yard line.

Three yard pick up by Jermaine Robertson. Lawson on the option pitch, pick up of seven yards, third and short.

Flags on the play. Five yard penalty.

3rd and 7. Aplin's pass to Jarboe complete, the refs will measure. About two inches short. Will the Red Wolves go for it. It appears that they will.

Great defensive play by ULL and it will be the Cajun's Football.

QB's pass complete to No. 46 for a 14 yard pick up and a first down ULL.

Pass complete, but appears to be no gain on the play. Quarterback fumbles and recovers. Ball on the 34 a loss of six on the play brings up third and long.

Pass complete to Harris, seven yard gain brings up 4th and long, field goal kicker comes on to attempt, runs a fake and picks up the first down. 19 yards on the pick up. First and goal from the 8 yard line.

The ULL Ball carrier tackled for a loss of two on the play.

Louisiana Timeout.

Pass complete for a ULL touchdown for 10 yard play. The touchdown play is under review. The play is confimred touchdown ULL.

With :53 seconds left in the first half, Arkansas State leads ULL 17-7.

Tyron on the return for 14 yards. Aplin's pass to Jarboe complete for a six yard pick up. Aplin complete to Frampton for a 10 yard gain and a first down. Time out Louisiana, that's their third and final timeout of the half.

Aplin to Earl Lucas, three yard gain on the play, timeout ASU.

Incomplete pass from Aplin to Stockemer.

Aplin complete to Frampton for 26 yards on the pick up, he goes out of bounds.

Aplin on a 14 yard carry, timeout ASU. The Red Wolves have the ball on the seven yard line of ULL with five seconds remaining on the clock.

Brian Davis kick is good for a 27 yard field goal, the Red Wolves lead 20-7 at the halftime intermission.

Halftime stats: First Downs ASU 10-4

Total offense: ULL-108 yards on 29 plays

Arkansas State-221 yards on 44 plays.

Ryan Aplin 14-23 for 163 yards and two touchdowns no interceptions.


ULL will take over with the football at their own 25 yard line.

QB keeper for nine yard carry, 2-1.

QB incomplete brings up third and 1 yard.

QB keeper up the middle, refs will measure. First down ULL.

Blaine Gautier's pass incomplelte, 2nd and 10 for the Cajuns. Gautier's pass complete to No. 4 for 19 yard pick up and a first down.

Gautier's pass incomplete. 2nd and 10 for ULL. ULL's running back Harris for 14 yard gain and a first down for ULL.

Gautier threw a great pass for 31 yard pass to No. 87 Darryl Surgent for a touchdown, Baird's kick is good and our score is ASU 20-14 over ULL.

Andrew Tyron on the kickoff return, brings up all the way to mid field, a 42 yard kick off return, ball spotted at Red Wolves 47 yard line. A big play by Tyron that was much needed.

Frankie Jackson on the carry, loss of two.

2nd and 12 for ASU. Aplin's pass to No. 17 incomplete. Aplin shaken up on the play. He jogs off to the sidelines. Andre Smith will come into the game. Smith for no gain on the quarterback keeper. Brian Wilbourn will punt for the Red Wolves. Aplin is seen walking around on the sidelines.

Now Blaine Gautier is shaken up on the play from a Don Jones hit.

First down due to ASU being off sides, first down ULL. Backup QB in the game. Big defensive play by ASU, a loss of one on the play.

Pass broken up by ASU brings up a big third down. False start against ULL. Screen pass by ULL pick up nine yards but is fourth down and 8.

A fumble punt by Frampton recovered by ULL at the Red Wolves four yard line. A costly mistake by ASU.

Touchdown run by No. 46 Alonzo Harris, four yard touchdown run, extra point will give ULL the lead.

ULL now leads the game for the first time with 8:56 left in the third quarter, leading ASU 21-20.

Aplin back in the game for ASU, completes his pass to Stockemer for a six yard gain. Lawson on the carry for a one yard loss. Ball looks short of a Red Wolf first down, brings on the punt team.

False start before the play, good thing, Wilbourn fumbles the punt. A scrib punt is downed at ULL's 37 yard line.

Gautier's first pass incomplete, brings up second and 15 yards. Almost intercepted by ASU, pass caught by Lawson 14 yards. Third and one yard for ULL. Gautier on the keeper for 13 yards and a first down ULL.

A great defensive play by ASU's defense, bring up 2-11 on the play. New quarterback in for ULL. Pass complete for nine yards, 3rd and 1.

Time out Louisiana. Will be a full media timeout.

Huge defensive play by Demario Davis interception as ULL was driving, returned the int for 21 yards, giving the Red Wolves great field position.

Aplin pitch to Frankie Jackson pick up six yards, and then a 15 yard roughing the passer called against ULL ball now spotted on 30 yard line.

Jackson on a eight yard gain for ASU.

Lawson on the carry, picks up four yards on the carry. Streaker on the field. Timeout while arrested.

Aplin on the carry loss for two yards on the carry. Pass to Lawson for a three yard pick up. Third and 9 for the Red Wolves.

Timeout Louisiana.

Aplin's pass complete to Allen Muse, ball will be spotted on the four yard line first and goal.

Aplin on the touchdown carry for four yards, giving the home team the lead back. Davis to kick, extra point good. With 1:31 in the third quarter the score 27-21.

Harris on the one yard carry, second and nine for ULL. Brandon Joiner gets his second sack of the night for a loss of nine on the play, third and forever.

Incomplete pass by Gautier, holding declined against ULL. Baird comes on to punt.

Fair catch by Frampton on the punt return. That's the end of the third quarter with ASU holding a 27-21 lead over ULL.

Aplin to Frampton, Frampton shaken up on the play gain of eight yards, 3rd and 1. Frampton walks off the field.

False start by ASU, third and five. Aplin incomplete, looks like offside against ULL, will put the ball back at the 42 yard line.

Aplin on the carry for another ASU first down. Aplin nine yards on the keeper.

Lawson on the carry, picks up five yards on the carry. Lawson picks up another ASU first down on a six yard carry.

Aplin big run, a 10 yard holding call on Muse. Will still be first down for ASU. First and 17 yards.

Lawson on the carry for a pick up of 11 yards on the carry, second and six.

Lawson on a six yard carry, another first down Arkansas State.

Aplin on the keeper for four yards. Lawson up the middle for apparent first down, holding on No. 63, ten yard call against ASU.

Second and 16 for ASU. False start against ASU, second and 21 yard.

One yard gain by Lawson. Aplin's pass incomplete, fourth down Wilbourn to punt. Punt goes out of bounds at the 11 yard line.

Gautier's pass complete to No. 89 for a 36 yard completion. First down ULL. Gautier's pass complete for a one yard loss. Pass incomplete, brings up 3 and 11.

Incomplete pass brings up fourth down and ULL's punter is on the field. Punt bounces into the end zone, Red Wolves will have the ball at the 20. With 7:50 left in the game, ASU leads the game 27-21, the Red Wolves have the football.

Arkansas State ends the game by kicking another field goal to make the final score 30-21. Stay tuned to for several stories, videos, photos from today's big game.

The Red Wolves are now 8-2 overall and 6-0 in Sun Belt Conference play.