Frampton gives ASN his thoughts on season goes one on one with Dwayne Frampton to get his thoughts on the recent announcement of the All-Sun Belt Conference honors. Frampton talks about how this special this season was for him.

ASN Question: Did you picture earlier in the summer this season playing out like it did?

Frampton's Answer: In a way, because of prayers faith and hard work. Didn't know exactly how it would turn out but expected it to be a good season.

ASN Question:What does this conference championship and season means to you personally.

Frampton's Answer: It's a blessing, only been here two years, they were here during their entire careers

ASN Question: What did Hugh Freeze mean to you and this team this season

Frampton's Answer: He is everything to us. It's going to be difficult, its a business, very happy for him. This is the type of opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime.

ASN Question: How important is this bowl game to you and your teammates

Frampton's Answer:Very important, huge its difficult because he isn't here with us he is the one that helped us get to this point, it will be tough not to have him with us.

ASN Question: What did you think when you found out today you received this honor

Frampton's Answer: I just smile, looked up in the sky and said thank you, not surprised, with hard work prayer and sacrifice you get those thing hopefully will help me get to the next leave.

ASN Question: What what were your thoughts about 15 members of your team being honored.

Frampton's Answer: A blessing so happy for my teammates, says a lot about our football program, how we overcame adversity. Glad to be a part of the 15

ASN Question: What were your thoughts when you heard Freeze and several coaches were leaving.

Frampton's Answer: I had thought it could happen Defense been the strong point of our team, the biggest blow, losing four and another. It's been tough. Accept it and roll with it.

ASN Question: Overall what has this season meant to you.

Frampton's Answer: Been very memorable, just blessed to be a part of the ride. Start continued legacy at Arkansas State, that the next year's group continues to win. Maybe become the Boise State of the mid majors.

Very disappointed that we didn't sell our stadium more often, would love to see this stadium sold out every game. I think fans realize how we feed off of them and how it would be for this team to play in front of sell out crowds. It's been a blessing and I love every minute of it.