AStateNation visits with Ryan Aplin

Fifteen Red Wolves were honored today by the Sun Belt Conference. AStateNation caught up with several of the honorees to get their thoughts on several topics. Go "Inside" to see what the Player of the Year in the Sun Belt, Mr. Ryan Aplin had to say.

ASN Question: Did you picture in the summer for fall camp this season playing out like it did?

Ryan Aplin's Answer: I think we did and didn't. Thought we had the talent to be Sun Belt Champion, not sure anyone pictured us being 10-2. I wanted to be undefeated and 12-0, I'm never satisfied, these seniors deserve going out on top.

ASN Question: What does this conference championship and season means to you personally?

Ryan Aplin's Answer: Something I dream of as a little kid to be play major college football to be successful and part of that also means winning a conference championship.

ASN Question: What did Hugh Freeze mean to you and this team this season?

Ryan Aplin's Answer: He has been a mentor and friend to me, I wouldn't be the player or person I am if it wasn't for him. He has played a major role in my life and career.

Someone I will never forget and someone I will always keep in touch with it. He takes his job so serious, everyone respects him so much, what he brought to our family the football team and to this community is indescribable.

ASN Question: How important is this bowl game to you and your teammates?

Ryan Aplin's Answer: Very important for these seniors they deserve it, we want to finish send them out the way they deserve to go out. Always been a dream of mine to lead my team to a bowl game, now that dream is coming true.

ASN Question: What did you think when you heard that you had been named the Player o the Year in the Sun Belt?

Ryan Aplin's Answer: Very humbling, but it doesn't finish the season for me, how good this team is and how well we work as a family. Wouldn't be possible with my wide receivers, most of the credit needs to go to my teammates, this wouldn't be possible without them.

ASN Question: What are your thoughts about 15 Red Wolves being honored by the Sun Belt Conference?

Ryan Aplin's Answer: They are very deserving all the hard work we put in, Our defense pushed us big time this season. I couldn't be prouder for my teammates.

ASN Question: What were your thoughts on Coach Freeze and several other coaches leaving?

Ryan Aplin's Answer:At first It was sad, Im very close to these coaches, it was tough, the best move for him and his family I respect him so much. His dream job came true and going to make things better for his family.

ASN Question: Overall what has this season mean't to you?

Ryan Aplin Answer: It means everything to me. Made me forget about the past two seasons when we didn't play very well. Something I will never forget. It's been a great ride and it isn't over yet.