ASU's Kelcie McCray talks Red Wolf Football got a chance to visit with several Red Wolves this week to get their thoughts on several subjects, including the Sun Belt All-Conference Awards and thoughts on Hugh Freeze leaving the Red Wolves to go to Ole Miss. Go "Inside" to see what Kelcie McCray had to say.

ASN Question: Did you picture in the summer or fall camp this season playing out like it did?

McCray's Answer: I knew were going to have a good team, seniors we had and the talent, never imagine it could have been this great, never would have dreamed of it.

ASN Question: What does this conference championship and season means to you?

McCray's Answer: Means so much to me, never had a winning season since i have been here, to finish out this type of season my last year here is hard to describe.

ASN Question: What did Hugh Freeze mean to you and this team this season?

McCray's Answer: Mean't a lot, he brought a lot to this program. He is the one that turned this football program around in my eyes, the players are still here and we have prove we can win the bowl. We lost a member of our family but we still have to remain strong and go out with a big bowl win.

ASN Question: How important is this bowl game to you and your teammates?

McCray's Answer: Very important to us, our number 1 priority now, No Sun Belt team to ever win 11 a chance to do something that has never been done before and we can make history with this team.

ASN Question: What did you think when you heard that you had been named First Team all Conference as a defensive back?

McCray's Answer: Actually just heard about it, woke up to a lot of congratulations message, it's a blessing to have an opportunity to be a part of this team and everything that goes with it.

ASN Question: What were your thoughts when you heard that 15 members of your team were honored by the Sun Belt Conference.

McCray's Answer: Also blessing to have so many guys selected a reflection of the type of season we had. It was good to see a bunch of my teammates being honored.

ASN Question: What are your thoughts on Coach Freeze and several other coaches leaving for Ole Miss?

McCray's Answer: It was bitter sweet, I' Happy for him and his family, same time don't want to lose a coach like that. It's a business, he made the decision based on what was best for him and his family. Proud of him.

ASN Question: Overall what has this season mean't to you?

McCray's Answer: Season has been something very special, we all care about one another, we are a family. Go out and make history like we did. The community was very hungry for a winner. This season is something I will always remember.