Castilaw reflects on season and other things goes one on one with Senior Center Tom Castilaw about several topics including his reflections of this almost perfect season. The senior leader also gives his thought on Hugh Freeze among other things.

ASN Question: Did you picture in the summer of fall camp this season playing out like it did?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: I think it's one of those things you could pic, I thought it could be the best season of our lives. Didn't know it would ever come true. Didn't know that it would actually play out.

ASN Question:What does this conference championship and season means to you?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: Personally what it means its a reflection of hard working and what we were working for. How hungry we were and what we were wiling to do to get there. Brotherhood and family and the love we had for one another helped us to accomplish that.

ASN Question: What did Hugh Freeze mean to you and this team this season?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: Hugh Freeze taught us how to love one another and how to be a family Took it as a lofty idea and made it a reality and something we could accomplish.

ASN Question: How important is this bowl game to you and your teammates?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: Most important thing right now. The thing to me we are very grateful as seniors that this season would always be very memorable and the best season of our lives.

ASN Question: What did you think when you heard that you had been named First Team All-Conference Center?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: A blessing, one of those things. I go out to play my heart out every game. I just wanted to win. Nice and blessing to be recognized as one of the better players in the conference and to win on top of that.

ASN Question: What were your thoughts when you heard that 15 members of your team were honored by the Sun Belt Conference?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: A reflection of what kind of talent we have, how hard we worked, another blessing for this team.

ASN Question: What are your thoughts on Coach Freeze and several other coaches leaving for Ole Miss?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: One of those things you hate the situation, it's unfortunate, at the same time doesn't subtract from our goals, we want to be Top 25 in the nation.

ASN Question: Overall what has this season mean't to you?

Tom Castilaw's Answer: So much has gone on this season, winning like we did, me getting married to my wife to graduate with a master's

Hope this is something that people can look back on and help establish a winning tradition for years to come for Arkansas State. Perfect model what can happen if you love one another the way we did this season.