Demario Davis talks with AStateNation

Demario Davis has throughly enjoyed this past football season and he is very happy it isn't over just yet. The senior linebacker goes one on one with and talks about the highlights among other topics. If you're not a premium member of you're missing out!

ASN Question: Did you picture in the summer or fall camp this season playing out like it did?

DeMario Davis' Answer: I had a good feeling about our season. We had a great vibe, if we were going to be successful. The WKU game, God confirmed that good things were going to happen to our team, never expected 10-2

ASN Question: What does this conference championship and season means to you?

Demario Davis' Answer: Means a lot to all of our seniors, been trying for along time, for the seniors for all the fans in AState Nation, everyone that is part of our team. It represents so many people

ASN Question: What did Hugh Freeze mean to you and the team this season?

Demario Davis' Answer: A great coach a great leader, he is a great man on and off the field. His love and passion for the game reflected to us. Freeze was being used by God as an instrument on this team, to bring us all closer to God.

ASN Question: How important is this Bowl game to you and your teammates?

Demario Davis' Answer: Very important to us. It s the next game in front of us, we can't get lost in the hype and everything that is going on. Do something that has never been done before.

ASN Question: What did you think when you heard that you had been named First Team All Conference middle linebacker?

Demario Davis' Answer: Definitely a honor, more happy to see all my teammates on there. Good to see our hard work is paying off.

ASN Question: What were your thoughts when you heard that 15 members of your team honored by the Sun Belt Conference?

Demario Davis' Answer: Everyone is being rewarded, meant more to me than just seeing my name on there. Honored and very blessed.

ASN Question: What are your thoughts on Coach Freeze and several other coaches leaving for Ole Miss?

Demario Davis Answer': I understand the college game is a business, an opportunity that is hard to pass up on. They work so well together, I understand my role now I have to focus on the game, will take more focus than ever. Don't get caught up in the hype.

ASN Question: Overall what has this season mean't to you?

Demario Davis' Answer: It has mean't a lot to everyone involved. I have grown much closer to God. Im going to do my best to make sure that God stays a focus on this team like he has been this past season.