Malzahn plans on playing in Little Rock

AStateNation got the opportunity to interview new Head Football Coach Gus Malzahn this past Tuesday on AStateNation Sports Radio. During that interview Malzahn said that there are plans to play games in Little Rock to help showcase his teams to the entire state. Go "Inside" to see what he had to say.

Arkansas State's new head football coach Gus Malzahn is all about doing things in the state of Arkansas like they have never been done before at ASU.

Malzahn has said this on numerous occasions, including promising to recruit the "Natural" State like never before.

He lived up to that promise by signing 11 in-state prospects this past National Signing Day, a number that has gone unmatched in a very long time.

Malzahn, an Arkansas native and a long time high school in his home state, has hired numerous staff members that also have Arkansas connections.

"It's our priority to recruit the state of Arkansas like ASU never has," Malzahn said. "It's our goal to build great relationships with every high school coach in the state, many that we already know and respect."

Malzahn admitted during a radio interview with AStateNation Sports Radio that there are plans to showcase his future football teams in a game to be played in Central Arkansas in War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

Based off a question for the coach from a Facebook Member of AStateNation, Malzahn was asked if there was any plans to play games in Little Rock in the future.

"Well I think its very important in the future to have a game in Little Rock, especially in Central Arkansas," Malzahn responded. "A lot of great players around that area, a little easier for fans in that part of the state to come watch. That is definitely in the plans in the future, and I think it would be a very good thing for us."

Arkansas State has had games in War Memorial Stadium before causing some long time fans to have a few concerns over the success of games in Little Rock.

"There is only one game that would command a sell out crowd in Little Rock for Arkansas State fans and that's not going to happen," one member stated. "There are a lot of expenses in having a game at War Memorial including renting the stadium at $75,000.00 and thats just the start of it, in the past those attempts haven't been successful. ASU fans that live in the Jonesboro area won't make the trip to Little Rock. We need to sell out our stadium in Jonesboro before moving a game elsewhere."

Another fan was quick to point out that this is a new era in Arkansas State Football with Malzahn as the new head coach and fans should have a different approach to the subject.

"We shouldn't worry about the past, this is a whole new deal with Malzahn being here," The fan stated on 103.9 The Game on Thursday. "Malzahn is from Arkansas, he is recruiting Arkansas a lot better than ever before and it would be great to put on a show for recruits state wide."

Only time will tell, but according to Malzahn's radio interview, it appear plans are already in the works for future games in Central Arkansas.