Davis answered the Jets call

There are times to have your cell phone silenced and there are times you shouldn't have. If you don't believe it just ask former Arkansas State University linebacker Demario Davis and now New York Jet. Go "Inside" to see what Davis had to say about his Draft Day experience.

There are times to have your cell phone silenced and there are times you shouldn't have.

If you don't believe it just ask former Arkansas State University linebacker DeMario Davis and now New York Jet.

Davis accidentally had put his cell phone on vibrate Friday morning, the phone started buzzing and it was Davis' mother who spotted who was calling first.

Davis, who was picked with the No. 77 overall pick by the New York Jets, realizes how important that phone call actually was.

"I had saved the Jet's number into my phone," Davis said in an interview. "My mom saw who it was before I did, she started jumping up and down yelling."

Davis knew of four teams that wanted him in the third round, he tried to stay patient, eating with family members and got caught up watching the television when the phone call came in.

"It was the owner of the Jets," Davis remembers. "He told me congratulations. I then spoke to the General Manager and then Coach Rex Ryan."

Davis is quick not to take credit for being drafted by the Jets.

"I can't take credit for it," Davis said. "I'm thankful to God, he is the ones that opened all the doors for me, he gets all of the credit."

Davis admits that the reality of playing football in the NFL still probably hasn't fully hit him.

"A lot of emotions were running through me," Davis said. "I'm a mellow guy, takes some time before everything hits me."

Davis will now fly out this Thursday to New York to sign papers and work out for a mini camp for the new guys. The standout linebacker quickly points out that he has a goal to achieve in the next few months.

"I'm really focused on learning as much of that playbook that I possibly can," Davis said. "My goal is to have 85 percent of it in my mind."

When asked if he had thought of his first purchase after making it to the NFL, his answer is not very surprising for the humble young man from Brandon, Mississippi.

"I'm going to do something really nice for my momma," Davis said. "I'm really a conservative guy. I want to make sure I get my family established and everything. I won't be going out and blowing a lot of money."

Davis is engaged to be married and is looking forward to building a family.

Davis talked about how his stock continued to grow, going from a probable seventh round pick, all the way to the third round where he was selected Friday.

"Getting to play in the Senior Bowl really helped me a lot," Davis said. "That propelled me to the fourth or fifth round. Then the combine, I really had some great trainers there. I couldn't have predicted the performance I ended up having. I give God all the credit for it. He opened those doors for me."

Davis has one thing on his mind now.

"Im ready to get up there and work my butt off," Davis said. "I will be prepared to do anything they want me to do. I can't wait."

Davis was quick to mention how important the fans in AStateNation mean't to him.

"I'm very grateful for all of the support and love I have gotten from Arkansas State fans," Davis said. "I have had a tremendous experience at ASU, now I'm ready for the next phrase of my career."

Parts of this interview was taken from a radio interview on 103.9 The Game.

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