Haralson excited for new role

Arkansas State Head Basketball Coach turned to another veteran assistant coach, naming Coach Melvin Haralson his associate head coach, replacing long time veteran coach Richard Williams. Go "Inside" Part 1 of this three part feature story on ASU's new associate head basketball coach. It's AStateNation's goal to be ASU's No. 1 Source for everything concerning Red Wolves Athletics.

Arkansas State University Head Basketball Coach John Brady has spent a lot of time over the years with one veteran coach. While the names changes it's apparent that Brady has found another veteran coach to step in and replace a coaching legend in Richard Williams as his associate head basketball coach.

Former University of Texas and University of Houston longtime assistant coach Melvin Haralson moves into the role of associate head coach under Brady after serving last year on the Red Wolf Coaching staff.

Haralson spent six years as the associate head coach at the University of Houston under Penders and admits that it was a little different at first not coaching for him but the transition at Arkansas State has been a smooth one.

"This is the first time I haven't been with Coach Penders in a while," Haralson reflected. "It's been a great transition for me here at Arkansas State and its a honor to coach for a man like John Brady."

According to Coach Haralson, Coach Brady and Coach Penders are very similar in ways while being different as well.

"Penders is a guy of silence, doesn't speak a whole lot but when he does his team listens and knows what intensity he expects from you," Haralson explained. "Brady is an in you type guy. He is going to get you to do what he wants you to do or it won't be an easy time for you. They both get the same end results, they get the most out of their players."

Haralson realizes he has big shoes to fill, replacing Coach Williams but feels that he has learned a lot throughout his career that has prepared him for this opportunity.

"We just have to stay focused, we have a great group of assistant coaches here," Haralson said. "We each know our role on the staff, we have a great leader in Coach Brady. Don't get me wrong, Coach Williams is a very experienced coach, I have learned a lot from him in just the year I was on the staff here with him."

Being named the associate head coach at Arkansas State University means a lot to Haralson.

"To continue to contain the title of associate coach means a lot to me," Haralson told AStateNation.com in a recent interview. "To be a leader of the staff, doing things the right way and being a role model for the younger guys on our staff is a role I enjoy."

Haralson is excited about the Red Wolves current coaching staff.

"Coach (Jeff) Clapacs has been with Coach Brady for over five years and is an excellent coach," Haralson said. "Coach (Corey) Barker is an outstanding young coach that I have known for a long time. He is a great recruiter, he relates great with our players. He going to be a big asset on our staff."

One thing that Haralson learned from Coach Penders was how vital it was to have great confidence.

"Coach Penders would make sure each of his players had supreme confidence in themselves," Haralson said. "That confidence is earned and not given. If you're a shooter you have to put a lot of time in it, the harder you work the better you get. The better you get, the more confidence you gain."

"Confidence is key," Haralson said. "If you have confidence you have the opportunity to do well."

Haralson sees that same trait with Coach Brady.

"Coach Brady is a great man to coach for," Haralson said. "He is so organized. He is very organized about everything, including practices. Brady is also a very confident coach. It's great to be the associate head coach on his staff."

AStateNation.com recently got the opportunity to interview all of ASU Assistant Basketball Coaches. This is the first part of a three part series on Coach Haralson. Stay tuned to AStateNation.com as we continue to improve our coverage of Arkansas State Basketball.

In part two Coach Haralson will give AStateNation his thoughts and excitements about this upcoming Red Wolf Basketball team this fall.