ASU gets new assistant AD for Football

Gus Malzahn has a very detailed plan on how to take his ASU Football team to the "Next Level." Arkansas State recently named Paragould Arkansas native Carter Ford as Assistant Athletic Director for Football. Go "Inside" this exclusive interview, as he recently sat down with to allow all of Red Wolf Nation to get know the newest member of Malzahn's team.

Gus Malzahn has a very detailed plan on how to take the Arkansas State University Football to the "Next Level."

That plans includes from everything from facility upgrades, promoting his program on a state wide basis and everything in between.

Oh by the way did I mention he still has to coach the football team.

Malzahn recently hired Paragould, Arkansas native Carter Ford to assist him all of those other areas that doesn't pertain to coaching football.

Ford, who was recently named assistant athletic director for football at Arkansas State, sat down with last week to explain his role assisting Malzahn in taking ASU Football to the next level.

"My job will consist of everything from fund raising to the day to day operations of ASU's Football program," Ford explained. "I will serve as Malzahn and his staff as their link to the athletic department. The only thing I won't be involved in is coaching football. This way Malzahn will have more time to focus on coaching football."

Ford, who is a graduate of the University of Arkansas, spent a year working with the Razorback's Answer the Call Fund Raising event, before taking a job for the last year and a half as the point person for Governor Mike Beebe.

"I got the chance to meet Coach Malzahn and Mrs. Christi at a fund raising event," Ford said. "We clicked instantly, I was very intrigued by him, how detail oriented he is and his vision for the football program at ASU."

According to Ford, his relationship with Malzahn continued to grow.

"We had several discussions about his plans for Arkansas State, I got the chance to get to know him a lot better," Ford said. "When this job came open, I felt I would be a great fit for it."

Ford realizes that he has his work cut out for him over the next few months, as Malzahn prepares for his first football season beginning in August.

"I have definitely hit the ground running," Ford laughed. "Coach Malzahn is one of the most driven men I have ever seen. He has a phenomenal vision and plan for this program. He doesn't only say he something, he is very much a man of action."

Arkansas State currently has one of the lowest athletic budgets in the nation, something Ford hopes to help change during his tenure.

"It's definitely our goal to improve our budget through fundraising," Ford said. "Everyone needs to take ownership of this program. We can't do it alone. It will take all of AStateNation to accomplish everything Coach Malzahn has planned here at Arkansas State. "It's All Hands on Deck."

Another goal for Ford is to improve the Game Day experience at Arkansas State. He wants to hear what the fan base feels that would take their experience at ASU to the next level.

Ford apparently means what he says also, he took phone calls and participated in AStateNation's Sports Radio Show for over an hour.

"It's important for me to learn what the fan base feels about our game day experience, what they want to see improved," Ford said. "My door will always be open, we want our Game Day experience to be second to no one in our conference or at the mid-major level."

During Ford's tenure with the Answer the Call program at Arkansas, over 2,800 new donors joined the University of Arkansas Foundation.

Ford also realized and learned something during his tenure on Governor Beebe's staff.

"There is no bigger Arkansas State fan than our Governor," Ford said. "He loves his Red Wolves, that's for sure."