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ASN QUESTION: What made you decide to come to Arkansas State, who was instrumental in you making that decision?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: I loved the atmosphere, It felt like a family here. Probably Coach Gunn and my high school coach. How good the program was and how nice everything was on campus.

ASN QUESTION:What position did you play in high school and how different is that from what you are playing now?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Played DE, but was a stand up hybrid type rusher, now I'm playing with my hand on the ground. Getting use to that was different for me.

ASN QUESTION: What professional athlete that you grew liking and respecting?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Julius Peppers and Jared Allen I liked both of those guys a lot.

ASN QUESTION: Did that role model make you realize that you are now a role model for younger athletes both on your current team and younger kids. What does that mean to knowing kids look up to you now?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Its really cool, being in high school and looking up to college players, now the roles are reversed and being a good role model is important to me.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your biggest fan?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: My nephew Timothy actually is probably my biggest fan, he will be four in September, we are very close. My brother named my nephew after me. That is special for me.

ASN QUESTION: When did you realize that sports was going to play a big part in your life?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: My senior year really, once I got some offers, then I realized it was something that I would continue.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your best friend on the football team?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: My closest friends are probably Ryan Aplin, Taylor Stockemer, Nathan Herrold and Kevin Galindo. Three of those guys have been with me from the beginning of my career, they are more like brothers to me. My entire ASU family has helped me when I was dealing with a tough time in my life, when I lost my mother to cancer my senior year in high school.

ASN QUESTION: What do you like to do Hobby wise, when you have free time?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: I love to fish, I love playing the guitar and anything musical. I also love to spear fish. Anything outdoors.

ASN QUESTION: Who is the leader or leaders on the team that you look up to the most?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Nathan Herrold on defense and Ryan Aplin on offense.

ASN QUESTION: What does this football team mean to you?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: It means a lot to me, mostly because I have been here five years. I endured the good times and bad times. It wasn't just about winning but it was important to finish. Even when we weren't winning, we never gave up. To have a season like last year was so great. Now that we have tasted success, I want to go my senior season on that same note.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression when you heard that Gus Malzahn was going to be the head coach at Arkansas State?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: I was really surprised. I was really anxious to get everything going with the new coaching staff. It's been a great transition so far.

ASN QUESTION: When I say the name Ryan Aplin, what are the first things that come to your mind. How would you describe him as an athlete and how much he means to this team as one of your leaders?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: He is a playmaker. He makes things happen. When you think there is nothing, he makes some happen when you don't expect it.

ASN QUESTION: What are the biggest differences on this years football team from last year's team?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: We know that we can do it, we now realize what we are capable of doing. We believe in ourselves and each other.

ASN QUESTION: How close is this team as far as team chemistry goes?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: We are very close, a very tight group, the entire team has bought into being a family.

ASN QUESTION:What are your personal goals for your football season this fall?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: I want to have an outbreak season. I want to lead the conference in sacks and be one of the top sack leader in the nation. Would love to end up Sun Belt Defensive player of the Year. I realize this won't be easy, but that's why I work extremely hard everyday. I'm very hungry.

ASN QUESTION: Who has been your biggest role model or mentor in your life so far?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Coach Henry was a big role model in my life and was there when I lost my mother to cancer.

ASN QUESTION: What has been your proudest moment as a Red Wolf?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Probably walking the streets in Mobile during the Mardi Gras Parade, seeing all of the energy and excitement of our fan base.

ASN QUESTION: After graduating, will you always be a Red Wolf at heart and always be a part of AStateNation?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Oh yeah, I will always be a part of it.

ASN QUESTION: What did last year's season mean to you personally?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Meant a lot, just because of the years prior. Going undefeated in conference and winning 10 wins. To overcome having so many different head coaches and having different position coaches. To overcome everything and going undefeated was special.

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