ASU Football: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Arkansas State has a new Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in Ryan Russell, formerly of Auburn and Boise State. Go "Inside" as AStateNation profiles each of the projected starters on this year's ASU Football team to get their thoughts on if they are getting bigger, faster and stronger. See what Senior DE Tim Starson had to say.

ASN QUESTION: Have you seen a change in your body from this time last year?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Oh yeah, there is no doubt. I was 250 last fall, I'm weighing in at 268 right now.

ASN QUESTION: What are the major differences from the old weight program to the new one?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: The intensity, so many things are incorporated into our workouts now, more football oriented. Working on our flexibility and our condition is so much better.

ASN QUESTION: Do you feel like your in the best shape of your life?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Yes no doubt, Coach Russell has done a great job in a short time since his arrival.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression of Coach Russell after your first three practices?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: My first impression of Coach Russell was wow this guy is crazy.

ASN QUESTION: What has Coach Russell brought to this program.

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: He has brought a solid foundation, especially with the new guys, their next four years are going to be incredible. When has four years to develop them they are going to be unstoppable. He is more into everything all of the time. His intensity level is incredible. I respect him a lot

ASN QUESTION: Has the team chemistry improved from last year and what kind of effect has Coach Russell and the new coaching staff has had in this area.

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: Coach Russell makes us communicate with each other. If we don't communicate with each other then we have to do something over again. He has made us a more coheisive group.

ASN QUESTION: How excited are you about this upcoming football season.

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: I'm super excited, I can't wait until September 1. This is going to be a great year for us.

ASN QUESTION: Has your personal max gone up in the weight room?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER:My max definitely has had gone up 15 to 20 pounds every few weeks. I'm defintely stronger than I was this time last year.

ASN QUESTION: What are you weighing it at now?

TIM STARSON'S ANSWER: 6-foot-6, 268-pounds. I hope to be over 270 by fall camp.

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