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ASN QUESTION: What made you decide to come to Arkansas State, who was instrumental in you making that decision?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: I had always knew about ASU, Coach Gunn Recruited me, felt like a good program with a decent coaching staff that I could learn from, it was a place I wanted to go to.

ASN QUESTION: What position did you play in high school and how different is that from what you are playing now?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER:In high school I played running back, corner, and wide out, I first played corner, it was a big difference for me due to the complexity of the system. I'm playing safety now.

ASN QUESTION: What professional athlete did you grow up liking and respecting?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: My favorite player was Jerry Rice, I wore No. 80 on my little league teams, admired his work ethic and how hard he played the game.

ASN QUESTION: Did that role model make you realize that you might be a role model for younger athletes both on your current team and younger kids. What does that mean to you knowing that kids look up to you now?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: I don't think of my self as a role model, Its a little weird, been a kid at heart a big part of my life. It's important to me to be a good example for my teammates and everyone else that is a fan of Arkansas State.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your biggest fan?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: That's a tough one, my mother and father come to all of the home games and some away games, it's between those two.

ASN QUESTION: When did you realize that sports was going to play a big part in your life?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Probably early on, I love sports so much, i love competing and I love playing the game.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your best friend on the football team?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: I'm closest with the class I came in with, Ryan Aplin, Taylor Stockemer, Nate Herrold and Tim Starson. If I had to name one, probably Taylor because he was my roommate for a couple of years.

ASN QUESTION: What do you like to do hobby wise, when you have free time?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: We don't have much free time, I love being out in nature, love to hunt, or out on the lake, anything outside.

ASN QUESTION: Who is the leader on the team that you look up to the most?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Definitely Aplin and Nate, they have shown that they can do it on and off the field. They have set a great example on and off the field.

ASN QUESTION: What does this football team mean to you?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: It's part of my identity how Identify myself as a Red Wolf and want to represent for them, its my family now.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression when you heard that Gus Malzahn was going to be the head coach at Arkansas State?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: I was extremely excited, the reputation he has, about the future recruits we will be able to get, its a very exciting time.

ASN QUESTION: When I say the name Ryan Aplin, what are the first things that come to your mind. How would you describe him as an athlete and how much he means to this team as one of your leaders?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: A very hard Worker, he always is at the complex. He is the first one there last one to leave type of guy. He means a lot, to have a guy that everyone is so confident in, especially for the defense knowing you have someone on the other side that you can count on.

ASN QUESTION: What are the biggest differences on this years football team from last year's team?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Not a lot of differences, some younger guys that will have to step up and fill some big shoes, some of the same qualities, a hungry team to go out and prove again that we deserve to be champions.

ASN QUESTION: How close is this team as far as team chemistry goes?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Very close, how we come into together for summer school. We become really close, we are just like a family, we care about each other.

ASN QUESTION: What are your personal goals for your football season this fall?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: No. 1 to win, other than that everything else is second, compete and do everything I can do for my team.

ASN QUESTION: Who has been your biggest role model or mentor in your life so far?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: My mother and father, morally and in every other way, I look up to them the most.

ASN QUESTION: What has been your proudest moment as a Red Wolf?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: After we won the Troy game, knowing we were the undefeated champions and being out on the field with all of our fans.

ASN QUESTION: After graduating, will you always be a Red Wolf at heart and always be a part of AStateNation?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Oh definitely, here from on out, if you cut me I will bleed Black and Red

ASN QUESTION:What did last year's season mean to you personally?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: It was a great culmination of all of our efforts seeing our seniors go out that way, seeing the younger guys that stepped up and contributed so much it was a great and incredible feeling.