ASU Football: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Arkansas State has a new Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in Ryan Russell, formerly of Auburn and Boise State. Go "Inside" as AStateNation profiles each of the projected starters on this year's ASU Football team to get their thoughts on if they are getting bigger, faster and stronger. See what Senior safety Cole Lorigan had to say.

ASN QUESTION: Have you seen a change in your body from this time last year?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Yeah I have gained a little weight, I'm up about eight pounds from this time last year.

ASN QUESTION: What are the major differences from the old weight program to the new one?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Hard to say, scheme changes are a lot different on a defense we are a lot more aggressive and more of an attacking style defense. In the weight room we work a lot of speed drills, everything is coordinated around football stuff.

ASN QUESTION: Do you feel like your in the best shape of your life?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Yes definitely, Coach Russell has me in some great shape, some of the stuff we do conditioning wise has been amazing. If you told me at the beginning of the summer we would be able to accomplish what we have been able to do so far I would have said you were crazy, we have got it all done and then some.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression of Coach Russell after your first three practices?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: He is definitely a hard nose guy, he wants the best out of you and that's what he demands. He is a great motivator. He is the type of guy you need in the weight room.

ASN QUESTION: What has Coach Russell has brought to this program?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: There is definitely a bigger focus on being flexible, and we are doing a lot more explosive speed work. Our lateral speed and quickness both have greatly improved.

ASN QUESTION: Has the team chemistry improved from last year and was kind of effect has the new coaching staff has had in this area?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: I really think its about the same as last year, which is saying a lot we really loved each other last year. I think we still have that this upcoming season.

ASN QUESTION: How excited are you about this upcoming football season?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: Extremely excited, we have to take the opportunity we have to upset some people and repeat as SB Champions

ASN QUESTION: What are your personal goals in the weight room?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: To make myself better in every areas, to make my weaknesses into strengths.

ASN QUESTION: What are you currently weighing in at?

COLE LORIGAN'S ANSWER: I have gained eight to 10 pounds this summer, I'm 5-10, 172 as of today.