ASU Football: Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Arkansas State has a new Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in Ryan Russell, formerly of Auburn and Boise State. Go "Inside" as AStateNation profiles each of the projected starters on this year's ASU Football team to get their thoughts on if they are getting bigger, faster and stronger. See what Senior H-Back Anthony Kincy had to say.

ASN QUESTION: Have you seen a change in your body from this time last year?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: A tremendous change in getting stronger, my 40 time is better, I think I look better, its a big difference.

ASN QUESTION: What are the major differences from the old weight program to the new one?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: It's a big difference. More focus on a lot of speed and explosive stuff on the field and in the weight room. We have to go fast, he trains our minds to think fast.

ASN QUESTION: Do you feel like your in the best shape of your life?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Yes this is the best shape I have been in my life, spring time I missed a little conditioning due to my ham string, I was a little winded when I got back out there.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression of Coach Russell after your first three practices?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: This dude is crazy, this man is insane. He has taken several programs to the next level, we are seeing improvements across the board on our team

ASN QUESTION: What has Coach Russell brought to this program?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: A lot of energy in the weight room, he is never lagging around he is always upbeat and positive. It's not boring anymore.

ASN QUESTION: Has the team chemistry improved from last year and was kind of effect has Coach Russell and the new coaching staff has had in this area?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: He came in and reiterated the importance of being a family. Made changes to make sure that we were all here for summer workouts. It's a big difference.

ASN QUESTION: How excited are you about this upcoming football season?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: Really excited, friends and former coaches, telling me about them hearing about our team etc. Six televised games, a lot of excitement around the program.

ASN QUESTION: What are Your personal goals in the weight room?

ANTHONY KINCY'S ANSWER: to get stronger, faster and more flexible. It will help prevents injuries.