Profiles of ASU Starters: Zack McKnight spends a lot of time covering your Arkansas State Football Team. It's our goal to profile all of the prospective starters on this year's team, to allow all of AStateNation to get to know their favorite players better. Go "Inside" this profile of senior offensive lineman Zack McKnight. Check out these profiles to see why ASN is your No. 1 source for ASU Athletics coverage.

ASN QUESTION: What made you decide to come to Arkansas State, who was instrumental in you making that decision?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: When I came out here I really liked the town and campus, even being from California it seemed like a great place to be. I lked the coaches and program.

ASN QUESTION: What position did you play in high school and how different is that from what you are playing now?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: LT and DE, Right tackle, its a lot different from high school to college. You learn more about footwork and fundamentals at this level. Coach J.B. Grimes is a really good coach and has helped me a lot this spring.

ASN QUESTION: What professional athlete that you grew liking and respecting?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: Brian Young DE from 49ers.

ASN QUESTION: Did that role model make you realize that you are now a role model for younger athletes both on your current team and younger kids. What does that mean to knowing kids look up to you now?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: It means I have to make sure I set a good example for them. I try to interact with as many younger athletes as possible.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your biggest fan?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: That's easy, my mom Amy McKnight.

ASN QUESTION: When did you realize that sports was going to play a big part in your life?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER:When I was half way through high school when i figured out that I was going to get serious about football and try to earn a scholarship.

ASN QUESTION: Who is your best friend on the football team?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: A lot of the lineman are close, Cliff Mitchell probably if I had to say one.

ASN QUESTION:What do you like to do hobby wise, when you have free time?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: I love to fish a lot.

ASN QUESTION: Who is the leader on the team that you look up to the most?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: Hard to say, Aplin and I work close together.

ASN QUESTION: What does this football team mean to you?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: It means a lot, we are all close like a family. I think that has been a big part of our success. We believe in each other.

ASN QUESTION: What was your first impression when you heard that Gus Malzahn was going to be the head coach at Arkansas State?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: I was really excited, I knew he was coming from a high caliber school and offense. its the type of offense that I love to play in.

ASN QUESTION: When I say the name Ryan Aplin, what are the first things that come to your mind. How would you describe him as an athlete and how much he means to this team as one of your leaders?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: He is a tremendous athlete and a very hard worker. He is a great leader, I think very high of him.

ASN QUESTION: What are the biggest differences on this years football team from last year's team?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: This year we are more intense, we have tasted success and know we want that again.

ASN QUESTION: How close is this team as far as team chemistry goes?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: Very close, that is something that we started last season and it has got even better this season.

ASN QUESTION: What are your personal goals for your football season this fall?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: To have the lowest sack count in the Sun Belt and to lead the team in pancakes.

ASN QUESTION: Who has been your biggest role model or mentor in your life so far?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: I looked up to my grandfather Tommy a lot.

ASN QUESTION: What has been your proudest moment as a Red Wolf?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: Is when we beat Troy at home and when everyone was shouting ASU and the fans came out on the field.

ASN QUESTION: After graduating, will you always be a Red Wolf at heart and always be a part of AStateNation?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: Yes most definitely

ASN QUESTION: What did last year's season mean to you personally?

ZACK MCKNIGHT'S ANSWER: It was a big growing year for me. I came in as a rookie, last season was my development year.