ASN goes 1-on-1 with Coach J.B. Grimes

Arkansas State University held it's annual Media Day here Wednesday as the Red Wolf Football team reported back to campus to prepare for Thursday's first fall camp practice under Gus Malzahn. got the chance to visit with each ASU coach one on one to get some very interesting answers about upcoming season. See what J. B. Grimes had to say.'s Question: What is your goal for fall camp, what do you want to get accomplished and what are your expectations?

J.B. Grimes' Answer: The biggest thing is that we have to create some depth. One of the thing that is hard to do is to go through a complete season and play the same five guys every ballgame, that's almost impossible to do. So we feel like we have to find some of these young guys and even some of the guys that went through spring ball with us. Who can be ready to play in a game.'s Question: How fun is it to be coaching for Gus Malzahn and talk about the chemistry of this coaching staff?

J.B. Grimes' Answer: I'm excited about it. One thing I have seen about Gus is that when you watch his offenses he isn't afraid to take chances. Now that he is the head coach, he really won't be afraid to take a chance because he is the guy in charge. That makes me excited, the game today has become a game of big plays. Back in the old days, you four yarded people to death, one of those things four yards and a cloud of dust we have all heard that. It's not like that with Gus Malzahn, that fits with what today's football is all about.'s Question: What were your impressions of this football team, the players etc. when you first got here?

J.B. Grimes' Answer: I think up front we can be a competitive offensive line, we will be an offensive line that can compete every week. I don't think we have any superstars on our offensive line, we good solid guys that have a lot of hard workers. that will be techincally sound. I'm obviously excited about our quarterback, it's been a while since I have been around a QB this good, a long, long time. Our running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, gives us a very good chance of having a good offensive team in my mind.'s Question: Who could be a surprise in fall camp at your position, who has to step up for this team for this season to be a great one?

J.B. Grimes' Answer: My group when you look at the young guys the guy that is probably closer physically ready to play is Bryce Giddens, the young man the center from Georgia. He is at strength right now, even though he isn't a tall guy he is at size right now, have to find out about him, We got to get Stephen Stevens where we feel comfortable about putting him into a ball game. Coming out of spring practice he has a ways to go. We have to get him going in fall camp. Kedric Murray is another guy that we have to bring on and get him use to playing in the trenches. Jake Campbell don't know a lot about him right now is a guy we have to find out about pretty quick, he wasn't out there in spring ball due to a shoulder injury.'s Question: Your thoughts when I say the name Ryan Aplin?

J.B. Grimes' Answer: I think about a QB that can make plays. I haven't been around one of those guys quite honestly since 2002 when we had a young man named Reggie McNeal at Texas AM. It's been a while since I have been around a quarterback that can not only make plays with his arm but with his feet as well. When you have a dual threat quarterback like that, you have a chance, especially with experience and the leadership he has. I may be saying too much, but I'm very excited about protecting a quarterback of his magnitude.'s Question: How excited are you about Fall camp and this upcoming season?

J.B. Grimes' Answer: Oh I can't wait. I love getting on the grass and coaching. I have been doing this for a long time, i have a passion for coaching, a lot of things are fun but there is nothing like getting out on the grass and getting guys better.

These series of question and answers with the ASU Coaches is the beginning of's Fall Camp Coverage.