Too many things to overcome for ASU

Gus Malzahn's opening debut as Arkansas State's Head Coach didn't go as well as many hoped it would. Oregon had too much speed, too good of a defense and too good of a team for the Red Wolves to overcome. Oregon won the game 57-34, go "Inside" some of our thoughts on tonight's action.

Too much speed.

Too far to travel.

Too many things went wrong for Arkansas State early in its season opener against No. 5 Oregon.

Too early for AStateNation to panic!

Oregon scored early and often as the Ducks flew past the Red Wolves enroute to building a 50-10 lead at halftime.

While Chip Kelly pulled off his race horses in the second half, Arkansas State didn't quit, finding a way to score 34 points against perhaps one of the best teams in the country.

There was no doubt after the first few minutes of the contest, who was going to win it. Oregon ran away with a 57-34 victory.

Now it's easy to see why Gus Malzahn wants to be more strategic in scheduling non conference games in the future.

You can now also see what Malzahn was talking about earlier in the week, when he said that this was a better Oregon team than he faced in the national championship when he was the offensive coordinator at Auburn.

While Oregon could have scored as many points probably as they wanted to, a young Arkansas State team kept working its offense, played better on both sides of the ball but it was too little too late.

There probably wasn't many AState Fans that expected to win the game at Oregon, but there probably weren't many that thought the game would begin the way it did.

Malzahn said earlier in the week, he hoped this would be a good measuring stick on where his program was.

The first year coach has said on several occasions that this was a young defensive squad, returning only three starters from last years team that won 10 ballgames.

This is a type of game to exactly tell how good this team can be before the season is over.

While it got ugly early, there appear to be a few positives that came out of the cross country trek.

This Arkansas State team refused to quit.

Yes I realize that Oregon could have left their first team in and yes they could name the final score.

But I also realize instead of laying over and playing dead, they fought on improving their performance in the second half.

Yes it's way too early to panic, this is a team that will win a lot more games than they lose.

It's a team that shows that their offense can work when executed.

Another positive is the fact the team came out of this battle with perhaps a National Championship contender, fairly healthy.

Did Malzahn debut as Arkansas State's Head Coach turned out like he would have liked it to, or how AStateNation hoped it would?

No it didn't.

Now it's up to this team, this coaching staff to deal with adversity and see how they respond to losing this game.

It won't take long, this time next week Arkansas State fans will have the answer.

I have a hard time believing that it won't be different this time next week.?