ASU Fans just need a little patience

Things didn't go the way the majority of the ASU Fan Base felt it would this past Saturday against Western Kentucky. It's easy to say that the players and coaches are disappointed in the Red Wolves first conference loss since 2010. Gus Malzahn has said from Day 1 that this team would be a work in progress. Go "Inside" to get one man's view of the situation.

The phone rang.

On the other end was someone fairly new to our little Arkansas State world. He has one question.

"What is it with Arkansas State fans? They are so ready to give up after one game."

My reply was I think that is just a lot of fans and the way things are today in our world. Such a what have you done for me lately society.

Someone had been reading the message boards.

It all goes back to Saturday night at Liberty Bank Stadium. An evening that was perfect until the second half started.

After leading 13-zip at halftime, in what was probably the best half ASU has ever played against Western Kentucky, things did not go well in the final 30 minutes and the Red Wolves were slapped with a 26-13 loss.

So here we sit, about to hit the midway point of the schedule on Thursday, 2-3 overall and 0-1 in the conference.

Is it where we thought we would be? No, and that is from a guy who picked a 7-5 season. I was thinking win all the home games and pull out one on the road. Guess we can scratch that plan.

But is this season lost?


I did not think this team would defend its conference title. In part because of the schedule. Two of the top contenders, ULL and FIU, were road games. I did not take into consideration how good WKU was, and that is a team I grossly underestimated.

One reason I felt ASU would struggle this year the losses from last year's defense, which in my opinion, really paved the way for the 10-3 season. No Sun Belt program is gonna be the same after losing four players worthy of NFL considerations and be the same. And remember, two of those four were the league defensive player of the year and the other a high draft choice of the New York Jets.

There just weren't players to plug in at those spots, especially after two of the highly regarded junior college signees did not gain eligibility.

I know the coaches have said this but it really is a work in progress. This is what we hope is a foundation season, not only on the field but in recruiting. Last year's season was great, but a lot of things fell into place for that team, including wins at WKU and UL-Monroe that could have very easily been defeats.

I still believe the greater good is down the road.

We just need a little patience.