Red Wolves headed to Mobile

For anyone that doesn't think the Bowl selection system doesn't have issues, Go "Inside" this opinion piece to see what happened and how Arkansas State got selected to go to the Bowl for the second straight year. No matter where this ASU team plays, AStateNation must support this great football team.

Politics and football don't mesh well.

It's apparent that the current Bowl system is broken or at least fractured.

Arkansas State, a team that won back to back conference championships for the first time since the 1980's, was selected to the Go Bowl for the second straight year.

Don't get me wrong, this was a great Bowl last year, but here is the issue I have with the situation.

The New Orleans Bowl is suppose to be for the conference champions. They have a contract to take the champion of the conference for at least two out of four years.

Last year they opted to take ULL, which I was ok with, Arkansas State didn't have a head coach at the time, and the Cajuns were closer and would bring a big crowd.

This year we demolished ULL in dominating fashion on the football field, only to get overlooked by the same bowl again.

The Sun Belt office should have never allowed ULL and ULM to be named in Bowls until they make sure their champion of the league was taken care of or at least not announce it.

It appears that the Go Bowl in fact did release Arkansas State to play in other Bowls, it's apparent that another bowl would rather have a Big 12 team instead of Arkansas State. Selling hotel rooms must have been more important than selling tickets.

So the blame is not to be laid on the feet of the Bowl.

Don't get me wrong, I will travel to Mobile, I will cover this football team no matter where they go.

The Bowl isn't a bad venue, stadium needs some help, but hey we are going bowling.

I want to urge all of AStateNation, a lot who are mad right now, not to take out your anger on this Arkansas State Football Team nor this ASU Athletic Administration.

Don't hurt the school you love so much, but not traveling to the game. We want to be a program that takes it to the Next Level, this is our opportunity to prove that we can even through adverse conditions.

If you can't make the trip due to a conflict in schedule, please still go to the ASU Ticket office and buy your Bowl Tickets, donate them to be given away, or give them to someone who will go.

Don't harm Arkansas State University due to the sins of others.

If you want to keep our coach, attending this bowl game is a must. We must show him our support and love no matter where we play.

A lack of attendance in Mobile is not the right way to treat a coach and staff that we want to remain at Arkansas State.

If we want Gus Malzahn committed to Arkansas State, the Red Wolf fan base must continue to be committed to him.

This is an opportunity for this football team to break in the Top 25 for the first time ever since the creation of FBS.

Arkansas State's opponent Kent State is currently rank No. 25 in the nation.

Lets go make a statement, let's blow out this team and proved to the football world how good this team really is.

Again Ryan Aplin, Nathan Herrold, Taylor Stockemer, Don Jones and the other 16 seniors on this team deserve our support. Don't allow this group of young men go out without your support.

They deserve to hear AState, Red Wolves, AState, Red Wolves shouted across the roof tops of Mobile.

Lets be completely honest, while there were some issues that some fans didn't like about Mobile, their parade is one of the best parties that can be found int he Bowl scene. officials told me Saturday that the Mayor of Mobile was made aware of several of the concerns that fans had last year and this year's Bowl will be better.

One fan summed it up better than others Sunday evening over the phone.

"Wow we have gotten spoiled as a fan base in just two years," the longtime fan said. "There was a time not long ago we were just hoping to make any bowl. For our fans to be disappointed in going to the same bowl two years in a row."

It's part of taking this Arkansas State Football program to the Next Level. Higher expectations are something that comes with that.

Now it's our time to do our part as a fan base and that is to support this team no matter where they play. If the Red and Black is in Idaho, we need to go, thank goodness we aren't going to the Potato Bowl, or Detroit for that matter.

While things could be better for our fan base, they certainly could be worse. You could be like Louisiana Tech 9-3 who did themselves in by not wanting to play an instate foe, they opted out of one bowl in hopes of finding a better one. It appears they find themselves without one.

Trust in this Arkansas State Administration to make the right decisions in the days ahead in regards to the conference etc, they have everyone's best interest at heart. No matter how this turned out, be assured this group fought their hearts out for this football team.

Now it's our time to do the same.

Pack Mobile with more fans than we did last year and watch this team become a Top 25 program.