ASU seniors react to Malzahn news

There is one day in December that most Arkansas State fans would rather forget than remember. That day is December 4th. This is the second straight year that the ASU Football Team loss their head coach to a SEC School. Go "Inside" this story to get the reaction of several of the Red Wolf seniors about the news of Gus Malzahn leaving for Auburn.

There is one day in December that most Arkansas State fans would rather forget than remember.

That day is December 4th.

For the second straight year this Arkansas State Football team have won undisputed Sun Belt Conference championships. ?For the second straight year, December 4th has brought it's share of sorrow.

AStateNation got an opportunity to visit with players after the ASU Football Team meeting concluded and this evening to get their reaction to the news.

"It's tough," Senior quarterback Ryan Aplin said. "It's a tough situation, but at the same time it's adversity, it's something you have to face."

According to Aplin the decision for Malzahn to leave for Auburn wasn't an easy one.

"It's especially tough when you see someone get emotional, how hard it was for him to leave," Aplin said. "We are not use to seeing very much emotions from him, so it makes tougher for us. He loved being here, he told us that there will always be a soft spot in his heart for our program."

Aplin was asked about whether or not he has become numb or jaded by the events of the last two years.

"You never get numb from it," Aplin said. "You get so close to these guys, it's tough. You build a relationship with these coaches, you get really close, it's tough to see them go."

Senior linebacker Nathan Herrold shared his reactions to the news.

"I'm happy for coach," Herrold said. It's a big opportunity for him. I'm thankful for what he helped us accomplish here. There are some that are upset about it, we really enjoyed Coach Malzahn the year we had with him."

Herrold admitted that the news caught him a little off guard.

"We were hearing that it might be someone else," Herrold said. "Then all of the sudden it goes down hill from there. Again I'm happy for coach and his family, it's something that we will have to deal with."

Senior cornerback Chaz Scales gave his thoughts.

"A lot of people took it harder than others," Scales said. "It mostly hit the younger guys harder, they expected to play for him a long time. College football is a business and we understand that. Coach Malzahn came in and did a great job for us and helped us win another conference championship, I'm glad he came here to do that for us."

According to Scales, Malzahn was very apologetic about the news.

"He was asking us if we would allow him to coach us in the bowl game," Scales said "He wants to coach us in the bowl game and to make history by winning the bowl game and becoming a top 25 team."

Scales personally would like to see Malzahn coach the team in Mobile.

"He might as well finish off what he started here," Scales said. "I hope he will coach us in the bowl."