Could this be the next head coach at ASU?

With the abrupt departure of Coach Gus Malzahn, Arkansas State athletic administration is conducting it's second straight coaching search in the last two years. AStateNation will spend the next few days looking at some of the possible coaching candidates that could be the next Head Football Coach at Arkansas State. Go "Inside" to learn more about Bobby Petrino.

Gus Malzahn departed Arkansas State Tuesday for the greener pastures of the plains and the SEC when he took the head coaching job at Auburn.

In life we often sometimes make decisions we regret, second chances are aren't always a bad thing.

One former head coach that fits this mold is someone who has had success in this Natural State of Arkansas.

Bobby Petrino was relieved from his coaching duties from the Hill this spring for something that happened off the field, he definitely didn't leave Arkansas because of his coaching abilities.

Petrino has left no doubt in the coaching world that he wants to make a return, where that location is will be the big question.

Some projected him to get one of the three SEC jobs that were open, but that appears it will most likely not happen.

It's most likely Petrino will have to go the mid major, smaller school route.

ESPN reported Thursday that Petrino had reached out to Arkansas State University and expressed interest in moving to Northeast Arkansas. From all indications has learned that is most likely the case.

Petrino returned Arkansas to prominence after the departure of Houston Nutt. The veteran head football coach is 75-26 in his college career and spent one season in the NFL where he posted a 3-10 mark.

Petrino is known as an offensive mind, and a great quarterback coach, a position that he held at Nevada and Utah State, as well as Louisville. He also spent time at Auburn as the offensive coordinator under Tommy Tubberville for one year before becoming the Head Football Coach at Louisville.

In four years at Louisville, Petrino built the Cardinals into a national power. He led them to 11 wins in 3004 and and 12 wins in 2006, only the second and third times that the Cardinals won as many as 11 games in a season.

The Razorbacks under Bobby Petrino showed significant improvement in 2009-2010 season with analyst from both ESPN and CBS regularly citing starting quarterback Ryan Mallet as one of the most impressive collegiate quarterbacks in the country.

The Razorbacks came close to upsetting the No. 1 ranked Florida Gators on October 19, 2009.

The Razorbacks also enjoyed success under Petrino in the 2010 season, finishing 10-2 and notching their first BCS Bowl appearance against Ohio State, a game that ended in a loss to the Buckeyes.

WHY PETRINO WOULD BE A PERECT FIT AT ARKANSAS STATE: There is no doubt that Petrino is one of the brightest offensive minds in the game. He would bring immediately continued exposure to the Arkansas State campus not only from a state wide prospective but from a national one as well.

WHY ASU COULD LAND PETRINO: With all of the connections that Petrino has made in the state of Arkansas, this makes a lot of sense. He is one of the most well know names and faces in the Natural State. Arkansas State would give Petrino that second chance that he is wanting.

POSITIVES ABOUT HIRING PETRINO:The name recognition he has throughout of the state of Arkansas. He would be a name hire that would make a lot of Arkansas State fans forget about Gus Malzahn. This would definitely be a big splash hire.

WHY PETRINO MAY NOT HAPPEN AT ASU: There is no doubt that Petrino being hired at ASU would be not well thought of by some in the state. There are other schools that will definitely be in the hunt for his services.