Where is Sun Belt Conference headed?

Four new teams were added to the Sun Belt Conference, is the league getting stronger or is it headed in another direction. Go "Inside" for one person's view, and give us your opinions on the subject.

As the Sun Belt turns.

Almost sounds like it could be a title to a Soap Opera.

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the conference, despite the fact that four new teams were added Wednesday, makes most onlookers looking from the outside still scratching their heads as in regards to the future of the conference.

Who will depart the conference next?

Four teams have made their way to the exit, choosing to go in another direction. Rumors have two more may be vacating the league, posing the question who will be the next schools to leave.

The main question this writer has is what's best for Arkansas State.

The Red Wolves have won back to back conference titles before the conference began to be watered down by FCS schools and a couple of cross country FBS opponents.

This is now a conference with five former schools that were playing in 1-AA a couple of years ago. It's a conference that appears to be taking anyone they can find to improve its image.

That the real question, does the recent changes improve this conference or make it less attractive?

There are signs all over the state of Arkansas embracing "Red Wolves Rising."

The mantra for the Arkansas State athletic administration has been to become the next "Boise State of the South", meaning being the best smaller Division 1 School that threatens to be a BCS Buster in the past.

The ASU Administration has stated several times on the record and on AStateNation Sports Radio that the status quo of the conference was unacceptable for Arkansas State.

Now the question arises will the recent additions of Georgia Southern, Appalachian State, New Mexico State and Idaho will be enough to satisfy the ASU decision makers.

Rumors surfaced out of Texas on Wednesday that the Sun Belt Conference office may be preparing to lose two more of the current members.

Everyone feels that it's a matter of when, not if Western Kentucky bolts for another option, now the biggest question is who will be the other school to follow.

Could it be Arkansas State?

If an offer comes from Conference USA or another conference should Arkansas State leave?

Should they stay and continue to dominate a league that was perceived not to be one of the nation's top conferences from top to bottom. Now the bottom appears to outweigh the top.

Or is it better to get out before being left behind with a lot of FCS schools?

How does Idaho fit into the Sun Belt footprint logistically?

It's over 2000 miles to Moscow Idaho to Jonesboro Arkansas, if that isn't bad enough it's over 2,500 miles from Idaho to Boone North Carolina, the home of Appalachian State.

There is speculation that with the additions added to the Sun Belt today will allow conference officials to have two divisions and be able to play a conference championship game.

Does that make the conference automatically better?

You would assume that means a West Division with Idaho, New Mexico State, Texas State, Arkansas State, Louisiana Monroe and Louisiana Lafayette.

The East Division would have South Alabama, Troy, Western Kentucky, Georgia State, Georgia Southern, and Appalachian State.

If two more teams depart the league, then there will be 10 teams, I for one am betting on that scenario, only time will tell.