Meet David Kenley

Arkansas State athletics is a sleeping giant! I said that to my high school baseball coach almost 25 years ago when discussing my college plans. I had been following the Indians since junior high when my sister made her decision to become part of the ASU family. I was always a recruiting geek. Loved following it way before it was as popular as it has become.

I played baseball at Arkansas State and learned how important recruiting was to a program. When the chance to become a coach at ASU fell into my lap I was excited to be a part of my school as more than just a student athlete. I spent years inside the ASU athletics department and my love for ASU athletics went from fan to crazy fan.

All the while my passion for following recruiting grew. I had always kept up with who the teams were after and who were the best recruits in the region. But when I moved to the Admissions office at ASU, I had the opportunity to learn more. I gave the tours of campus to potential recruits and became good friends with the coaching staffs from other sports. They helped me learn more about how to evaluate a player's talent and what they were looking for. If I wasn't hooked before, now I really was.

Mark Ferguson and The Den/TribalGrounds had been a place where ASU fans could talk about the potential of our athletics program. When James Bryant and AStateNation came to town, the chance to talk recruiting increased tenfold. ASU fans were beginning to see what ASU was trying to become and wanted to know who was going to take us there. The combination of the two brings together some of the best knowledge and fans to talk about my favorite topic A-State athletics.

I hope that Jeff Reed, Mark and myself can help build on the success of AStateNation and all ASU fans can continue to grow as a fanbase. We hope to provide the information that can help us all become more knowledgeable about ASU. We want this to be a partnership. The community and the fans are as important to the success of the site as it is to the program. Please let us know your thoughts and ideas. We want this to be the best Scout site in the country! Feel free to email me at or follow me on twitter@Red_Wolf_Apache.

The University, the athletic programs, and our fanbase are waking up – informing the rest of this state and the nation – here comes the sleeping giant!