Remembering Ed Troutt

From 1982-84 Ed Troutt was the base of a very stong offensive line for some of Larry Lacewell's best football teams at Arkansas State

Troutt earned first-team All-Southland Conference honors in 1984, the season on which Lacewell's teams turned the corner and went 8-4-1 and wound up second to Louisiana Tech in the SLC standings and began a run of four straight seaons in the I-AA playoffs.

Ed Trout, who was from Jonesboro, died Monday of cancer.

His brother Bob posted this note on Facebook:
"To All!
I really can't thank each of you enough for thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
My brother suffered a great deal and now his suffering is over. For this we are truly grateful. Cancer was the final chapter to his life but we do take comfort that his passing was apparently fairly painless.
Once again, thank you!"

Coach Larry Lacewell posted the following:
"Bob u know. How much I thought of Ed. Great player. Great worker!!"

My greatest memories of Ed are not from his football career, but seeing him as a teenager in the Jonesboro Sun newsroom under the watchful eye of gruff editor Larry Fugate. Ed took the abuse and kept working hard. His father, John, owned the paper at the time and believed Ed and Bob should each spend time working in all areas of the company.

Rest in peace Ed. You are gone way too early.