Athletic Department Loaded with OKG's

Coach Bryan Harsin likes to sum up his recruiting philosophy with the acronym OKG, Our Kind of Guy. That label applies to the current leadership at Arkansas State. The athletic department is being led by OKG's.

The Red Wolf athletic department is positioned well for success because of the OKG's.

It starts at the top with Dr. Welch. While not an ASU alum, he is a product of Jonesboro who makes no bones about the fact that he is fan. Just listen to any interview or spend a few minutes talking to him and you quickly realize that athletics is not just a department among the many he is responsible for, it is a passion beyond merely being a vehicle to promote the university.

Chancellor Hudson, maintains a little lower profile but he clearly shares the vision for athletics at Arkansas State.

Terry Mohajir has been a breath of fresh air for the athletic department. Mohajir has demonstrated that incremental improvement isn't good enough, but more importantly has been how he has communicated his vision to fans. There is no, just take my word for it I know more than you, instead it has been "this is where we want to go, this is what it takes to get there, and I want you to buy in to this."

Across the board ASU is adding more and more OKG's. Carter Ford at Red Wolf Foundation and Mickey Ryan in marketing. People who have demonstrated passion for ASU and more importantly fit in the Red Wolf pack.

The culture of "we've always done it that way" or "we've never done it that" or worse the culture of "we are doing pretty good considering who are is being replaced by a big vision that isn't just hoping we can improve but rather concrete plans and expectations of performance.

Change is coming to the Arkansas State athletic program but it is isn't being imposed unilaterally by those who want to show they are smarter than those who love ASU, it is being led by people who share the big dreams for ASU.

They are OKG's.