Mohajir Reveals More Plans for ASU

Nearly every time that Arkansas State University Athletic Director Terry Mohajir appears on AstAteNation Radio, he delivers at least some form of breaking news. Today (Friday) was no exception.

According to the popular AD, new lighting will be in place at Liberty Bank Stadium by this fall, apparently in time for the Red Wolves' August 31 home opener vs. UAPB, if all goes according to plan. Mohajir said the stadium is still using the original field lighting system that was in place when then-Indian Stadium opened in 1974. He said as the Red Wolves continue to improve and in turn, grow in popularity w/television networks such as ESPN, infrastructure improvements to the stadium are an almost absolute necessity.

Mohajir also addressed the future of the ASU Soccer Park, which will have to be moved upon completion of the new end zone/indoor practice/multi-purpose facility, which is currently in the development stages, stating that he hopes to move the soccer park to the current site of the track & field complex near the Marion Berry Parkway and overpass. "We hope we can actually put the soccer field inside the oval track," he said, if the logistics can be worked out for such an idea.

Finally, Mohajir was asked about a subject that's been the topic of much message board speculation as of late...the mysterious signage at the northeast corner of the campus fronting Stadium Boulevard, adjacent to the Soccer Park and Liberty Bank Stadium. A triangular sign has been up at the location for several weeks, but is covered in tarp. The Athletic Director says it will unveiled soon as a video/electronic message board.

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