Interesting Scoreboard Test in Little Rock

Jeff Reed is at Little Rock's War Memorial Stadium today and while he was there he saw the most interesting scoreboard graphic test being run.

The scoreboard was running a graphic saying "Arkansas Rice Bowl" and in the middle of the graphic "Riceland".

Another graphic said "AR Time to Shine".

For those who get confused on their postal codes, "AR" is the abbreviation for Arkansas.

Thanks to the cell phone camera picking up the scanning of the video, there appears to be a black line on the scoreboard but that was just a camera issue.

It would seem that War Memorial is getting close to an official announcement of the rumored new bowl game for Little Rock.

Various reports have tied the potential game to the Sun Belt Conference with either the Mid-American Conference or Conference USA.

Riceland, based in Stuttgart, Arkansas is the world's largest miller of rice and markets products under the Riceland and Chef-Way brands.