Zvosec Talks Hoops and Football Scheduling

Non-conference road games at Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming await Arkansas State's men's basketball team this fall and winter, according to Associate Athletic Director Rich Zvosec.

Zvosec appeared on KNEA's AstAteNation Radio program this morning and told co-hosts Keith Merritt and Randy Myers that scheduling for the upcoming season was completed last week. Zvosec's duties include scheduling for men's and women's basketball, and football.

"It can be a challenge," he said, adding, "It would be a lot more fun if we had a pot full of money the way a Kansas does, for example...as it is, it's a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle."

The Colorado and Wyoming games are early season contests that are part of an "exempt tournament," according to Zvosec. The Red Wolves will also play non-conference away games at Marshall, and Lamar. Zvosec also stated that the Lamar series is ASU's longest-running rivalry in basketball, stretching over 40 years. Non-Sun Belt Conference home games are scheduled with Niagra, UT-Martin and Toledo. Niagra has been a regular participant in most of the NCAA tournaments for "the past six or seven years," according to Zvosec.

For football, finalizing a home and home deal with Miami that begins with the 2014 season has been a priority, according to the administrator. Zvosec said he's confident that the contract is close to being signed by Miami officials, adding that it's being reviewed by that university's attorneys for final approval.

"It's really just a matter of a few technicalities that have to be tweaked pertaining to state laws between Florida and Arkansas," he said.

He also stated that negotiations are underway with Nebraska for another future game against the Cornhuskers. A-state played at Nebraska as recently as last season.

Randy Myers is the co-host of AstAteNation Radio. The program airs Monday-Friday from 11-1 on The Ticket 970am/95.3fm and on the web at 953theticket.com.