Time to Get Season Tickets

Talking with Harold Thomas the other night, it occurred to me that I needed to take time to encourage others to become Red Wolf season ticket holders.

Harold is a long-time fan who too easily remembers when we were hoping to avoid 10 losses rather than achieving 10 wins, just as most of you do as well, but also in that smaller group who also remembers when we once took winning for granted.

I'll leave it to Terry Mohajir or Carter Ford to encourage you to become a season ticket holder to help support the program, to help give the program financial security, to make it easier for ASU to fund the program the way it needs to be funded. Maybe they will pitch to you being part of the success Arkansas State has enjoyed.

Bryan Harsin can sell you on how it is important to the have the support of the fans to keep the players and coaches energized and in the game.

I'm going to rely on a simple point Harold made, because once he said it I immediately recognized the truth in it.

When you buy season tickets you begin sitting with the same group of people game after game. It becomes a community. You aren't likely to be on each other's Christmas card list but you recognize the faces and you begin to have a shared history together.

Since I was 8 years old I've sat within a few seats of where I sit now. There are some around who watched me grow up, watched my kids grow up and I'm watching as young families are bringing their kids up the same way, in this same place.

A great play or strange play or terrible play will cause someone to mention a similar one years or decades before. Some of us will nod or laugh or get a pit in our stomach thinking about it, while others just take in the history.

You don't want to be the person who left a game with ASU trailing and then missed a rally that resulted in a win, because if you are and ASU is behind someone will suggest it's time for you to leave.

The first game of the season pre-game will involve catching up on what has gone on since the last home game, coaching changes, new players, weddings, and new future Red Wolves.

Your neighbors are looking out for each other. When my parents missed a game, a guy who sits close by, but not close enough to my seats to be in "my" group came over to inquire if they were OK.

With the expansion of reserved seating, it is time for you to finally settle down and start your own stadium neighborhood or come over and join one of the existing ones.

We always like getting new neighbors.

Just follow this link or call 1.888.ASU.FANS (278.3267)