Pack Pride Fridays

With state and national interest in Arkansas State football at an all-time high right now, the university's athletic department will launch a new campaign this fall called 'Pack Pride Fridays.'

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"This is a new spirit campaign that we're starting with football, but the fact is, we want this to last the entire academic year," said Brad Bobo, ASU's Director of Sports Broadcasting, Licensing and New Media today on the AstAteNation Radio program.

"On every Friday of the coming academic year, we want our fans to wear some sort of A-State apparel," Bobo added. "It doesn't necessarily have to be red, we just want you to wear something with one of our logos on it."

While the campaign is planned for the duration of the school year, it will take on added significance during the 12 weeks of football season, according to Bobo.

"We're going to have something called Pack Pride Spies during those twelve weeks of football season. They'll be out and about, and if they spot you in your in A-State apparel, then you'll be given a $25 gift certificate to The Mall at Turtle Creek. We'll also take your picture on the spot and put it up on social media, on our Twitter and Facebook pages."

The Pack Pride Friday campaign will kick off on August 30, which is National College Colors Day in the U.S. The campaign is being sponsored by East Arkansas Broadcasters and The Mall at Turtle Creek.

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