Scrimmage Report

Bryan Harsin liked what he saw in Saturday's Arkansas State's Fanfest. There was a good crowd, around, 2,000, in the stands and good play on the field.

"I thought it was good," the first-year head coach said. "At times we had 10 guys playing, sometimes 9.5 and sometimes 9. I am not saying that we did not have 11.

But it is never as bad as it seems and never as good either. We will have to go back and look at the tape and starting putting those 11 together."

Harsin said the ASU coaching staff will start putting together a depth chart this week and begin gameplan preparations for the season-opener with Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Aug. 31.

"As far as our defense, it comes tackling and we have to get some more guys to the ball,'' said Harsin. "We have to work in a pack."

Cornerback Rocky Hayes and center Bryce Giddens were held out of the scrimmage. Harsin said he expects both to to be ready for the opener with UAPB.

"We will start that this week,'' he said. "We will call some guys in on Monday and talk with them. We will have our two deep next week, but it won't be released."

Here are some of Harsin's comment and our speculation on some spots.

"There needs to be some separation there,'' said defensive coordinator John Thompson.

Converted junior running back Frankie Jackson and redshirt sophomore Charleston Girley are working at the spot.

"We still have a couple of more practices this week for that," said Harsin.

The secondary.
"We have made some progress there,'' he said. "It was a concern going into the fall, mainly from a depth situation."

Sterling Young and Chris Humes are the starting at safety. Freshmen Money Hunter and Jeremy Fulcher are working as backups and rookie Jamaris Hart is at cornerback.

The running backs.
"I liked what I saw from all four of them," Harsin said. "David (Oku) did a good job after the first 4 or 5 carries running downhill. I really like what I saw from Sirgregory (Thornton). He runs downhill, will make one cut and if someone is in the hole he will take them on.

"Michael Gordon, his vision grows every day. He sees that little hole and hits it and is gone. Kendrick Daniels is making progress too."

Senior wide receiver R.J. Fleming, who could also see duty as punt returner this year.

"He has had a great camp," said Harsin. "His effort and his preparation have been good. He is a guy we can utilize in a lot of different ways.

And we must add his jewel from R.J.

"I have always been a team player. If I have to bring everybody water I will do that," he said.

The defensive line.
"I like what I see,'' he said. "They are pretty good because off the way they play against our offensive line, and our offensive line is pretty good."

Harsin said he felt the OL was 8 or 9 guys deep.

"We are a solid two deep,'' he said. "We can bring in our second guys and they will not hurt us,'' he said.

Kyle Coleman
"I really liked the way he plays linebacker," he said. "He has stepped it up the past couple of days. I liked the way both (Coleman and Q Lee) of our inside linebackers have played."

John Thompson.
"I thought our first team, when there as a unit, played very well,'' he said. "I saw some very good things and I saw some reasons to be concerned about our depth."

He mentioned seniors Dexter Blackmon and John Gandy, both seniors who came in from junior college a year ago.

"They have got it together,'' he said. "They had a great summer school and have had a great camp."