Projected Two-Deep

Coach Bryan Harsin has not released a two-deep roster yet and has not even announced the starting QB or punter but that won't stop Astatenation from projecting the two-deep roster.

QB -- Adam Kennedy, Fredi Knighten *
RB -- David Oku, Michael Gordon
TE -- Darren Griswold, Kenny Rains/Warren Leaphart
LT -- Aaron Williams, Jamar Clark
LG -- Steven Haunga, Devin Mondie
C -- Bryce Giddens, Tyler Greve
RG -- Cliff Mitchell, Allen Wright
RT -- Colton Jackson, Jake Campbell
WR -- J.D. McKissic R.J. Fleming
WR -- Julian Jones, Carlos McCants
WR -- Allen Muse, Tres Houston/Dijon Paschal
* = We are projecting that Kennedy will be the starting QB with Knighten playing the position in different packages. Butterfield will likely be the back-up for Kennedy's role.

DE -- Chris Stone, John Grandy
NT -- Ryan Carrathers, Dexter Blackmon
DT -- Amos Draper, Darrius Dunaway
BN -- Eddie Porter, Jabari Mathieu
LB -- Kyle Coleman, Xavier Woodson
ML -- Qushaun Lee, Quantario Heath
WF -- Charleston Girley, Frankie Jackson
SS -- Chris Humes, Money Hunter
FS -- Sterling Young, Jeremy Fulcher/Razis Valgis
CB -- Artez Brown, Andrew Tryon
CB -- Rocky Hayes, Jamaris Hart

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