It's Not All About Today

On another website I penned a column this week explaining that Games 3 and 4 are way more important than today's game vs. Auburn.

The responses were varied.

Some mentioned that a victory over an SEC team on its home turf brings instant glory and prestige.


But in the big picture, and there is no one who would enjoy a victory over Auburn than me, the Sun Belt opener with Troy and the game with rival Memphis are way more important.

Think back to 2008, the first game as Red Wolves, when Arkansas State defeated Texas A&M in the opener that season. Finally the break-through against an AQ school but in the end, we finished with an all too common 6-6.

I certainly would not want a victory over Auburn then finish with that same result.

I want a victory over Troy and I want one over Memphis. So I would take 3-1 for a start.

I would also take 4-0. But I think for ASU to pull off the upset, and it is an upset when an SBC team defeated one from the SEC, there has to be an element of surprise.

I don't think there is here.

I saw Friday morning where one the writers at picked ASU to win.

Not good.

Aside from getting even with Gus, it is a big game for the Red Wolves because Alabama has been such a fertile recruiting ground for the school. It was one of the best moves by the Steve Roberts regime was to go into Alabama and recruit.

It continues with Hugh Freeze and Gus Malzahn and the current staff is in on several prospects and has a commitment from running back Alabama (Terrance Hollingsworth from Berry) and are in on several other top players.

It is key to the Red Wolves' continued success.

A victory today, with most of the state watching, would help ensure that.