Logo Change a Positive Move

Arkansas State has changed the academic logo to the familiar stAte logo used in athletics but not all are on board.

The Herald of Arkansas State reports that faculty are expressing concern over the adoption of the logo.

The University has stated reasons for the change and I won't get into them.

To the me change is about making the words match the actions.

Across the country more than 1400 four-year colleges and universities sponsor intercollegiate athletics and depending on which study you believe, between 5 and maybe 30 of those programs generate income equal to or in excess of expenses. One of the justifications for the expense is marketing the university (commonly expressed as athletics are the window the world views the school through).

My professors at Arkansas State taught that good marketing requires brand consistency. It makes little sense to create a full set of brand images for athletics and a full set of completely different brand images for academics and then think you are promoting academics effectively with athletics.

The stAte logo has been part of Arkansas State for more than 30 years. Alumni have embraced the logo and when athletics dropped use of the logo, their complaints and insistence led to it being returned to use.

Sharing the logo across academics and athletics just makes good marketing sense.