Astatenation Roundtable

Time to discuss the recent and upcoming news of the Red Wolves in this short Troy week.

League play starts tonight. Thoughts on Troy?

Jeff: I think back to last's year and how it was a shootout. I have great respect for the Trojans and they have a quarterback who has been around. He still has eligibility? I think a lot of points will be scored on Thursday night. Hopefully, we have a better grasp of what our offense can do.

Mark: Last year we had a tough time stopping Troy and ended up winning in large part because the defense forced three field goals in the red zone. I tend to think that is the formula Thursday night. Don't give up the big play and then get the stop once they have less room to work with in the red zone.

What positives did you see at Auburn?

Mark: No one has seemed to notice in recapping the game because of all the talk about jersey color, going for it on fourth down, and trouble running up the middle, but when the game was still close, the Red Wolf defense forced two three and outs in the first half and another in the second half. Washington State managed two for the whole game. A-State seemed to lack the speed to get enough help to stop the runs outside and was getting the worse end of it physically but still managed some stops.

Jeff: Adam Kennedy. A gamer. Starting to feel better about the QB situation. Loved the play of TEs -- Darion Griswold and Kenny Raines. I think our DL played well. The defense kept A-State in the game. Maybe Auburn is better than we think ... since Washington State defeated USC late Saturday night.

What did you think were the most surprising or at least most interesting results in the Sun Belt this weekend?

Jeff: Georgia State scored! Twice! Interesting that South Alabama rallied and won on the road. I think about everything else followed the norm.

Mark: WKU's turnover festival at Tennessee certainly didn't leave me expecting an easy time but I was surprised that Prairie View stayed as close to Texas State as they did despite TXST nearly doubling them in offensive output.

Do we see the gray jersey again or do they go to the dustbin of history?

Jeff: Lord, please, send them back! Not a fan of the gray. But I think we should just wear two jerseys -- black or white.

Mark: I think they come back at some point, hoping Coach Harsin doesn't get a wild hair and do a white out against Louisiana. I'm not superstitious but I will note that Ray Perkins was coaching the last time we beat the Cajuns wearing white and that game ended early because of weather.