Skipping Memphis? Why You Shouldn't

Saturday Arkansas State travels to Memphis to take on the Tigers at Liberty Bowl Stadium. Many fans may be tempted to catch the game on ESPN3. Here is why you should be in Memphis for this game.

Help the team. A large vocal group of A-State fans can negate the home field advantage for Memphis. It's Memphis. A-State's oldest rivalry, Tigers second oldest. The Paint Bucket Bowl is the only series featuring a pre-World War II opponent that A-State still plays. If you don't have a "damn Memphis" story you've not been a fan long, come hang out with us and we'll bring you up to speed.

Help recruiting. Memphis will have players there on official and unofficial visits. At least some will either be players A-State is recruiting or may be considering recruiting. A strong showing by the Red Wolves and fans could help make up some minds and more importantly keep those leaning toward A-State leaning that way.

The chance to see history. While Red Wolves have won four of the last five, they've not managed to win three in a row in the series since 1930-32. A win Saturday would be three in a row.

You may not get another chance. There are no more games scheduled between A-State and Memphis and who knows when the Tigers might get in the mood to play again (see the previous item about winning four of the last five).

It might create another chance. A big crowd with lots of seats filled with red and black makes a financial statement that can help Memphis find a spot to schedule A-State.

The Liberty Bowl. They need a reminder that A-State fans can come in big numbers. Pitting lower tier SEC and Big XII teams there is always a chance they come up short for teams.

ESPN3 doesn't beat seeing it live. The picture never stops for buffering and because of the time it takes to encode and decode the signal, by the time it reaches your computer the play is usually over before you see it. That doesn't happen in person.

Be social. It's another chance to hang out with thousands of other Red Wolf fans.

Bowl practice. Going to a bowl requires leaving town, going to a different city and different stadium. Might as well practice that.

It's a Red Wolf game. That's what fans do, go to as many of their team's games as they can.

ROAD TRIP! C'mon that's self-explanatory.