Harsin Discusses Missouri and Open Date

It will not be business as usual for the Arkansas State Red Wolves this week.

Thanks to an open date, the players will get three days off until returning Sunday to begin final preparations for the Oct. 12 game with Idaho. A-State announced today the game will be carried by ESPN3.

During his weekly media call with the Sun Belt Conference, coach Bryan Harsin said the Red Wolves would practice Monday and Tuesday, take Wednesday off, work Thursday and have the weekend off. They will return to camp Sunday.

"Monday will be a lighter day when we will work on corrections and fundamentals,'" Harsin said. "Tuesday will be a normal day and after we get Wednesday off and we will look at Thursday as an extra Tuesday. We will do some scheme work and put in some game.

"This week is a chance to get some guys healthy and to make some corrections."

Two players, running back Michael Gordon and receiver Tres Houston were held out of the Missouri contest.

Speaking up the game with the Tigers, Harsin said. "We played a tough game last week against a very good opponents. Our kids played tough in that game. It came down to two or three critical plays and I was proud of the effort coming from the previous game. Going into that game our guys did a nice job. We just have to finish."

The Red Wolves' offense which was dormant against Memphis came to life against Missouri. Quarterback Adam Kennedy led the way, recording a career-high and school-record 37 completions. He also threw for a 308 yards, another career-high.

"Adam played very well in that game," said Harsin. "Bottom line is we did not protect him very well. He would of had more opportunities had he had some time one he got back there. We would of had some more throws available if we had given him time."

"Now credit to Missouri. The defensive line line is very good. and you give those guys credit. that is part of their game plan."

"But really happy with the way Adam played as far as his decision making. I thought he went to the right guys and made some good decisions I thought he was seeing what he needed to see on the field. He is playing tough. He runs the ball effectively when needed. He is a very good runner when it comes down to it as far as his decisions . He takes shots, he gets up. He is a tough guy, I am happy with his progress."

Kennedy tore a ligament on the little finger of his right (and throwing) hand.

"It did not effect him," said Harsin. "He played with it and threw the ball well." Kennedy also ran for 49 yards, but that total was reduced because of 23 yards in losses.

"He actually pulled a couple in there that were not design for him to keep," said Harsin. "And it was the right decisions. It is not when he is running the ball that he takes the shots. He runs smarts, he protects himself and gets down when he needs to. it is the in the pocket stuff."